What can you do with the programming language ‘PHP’?

What can you do with the programming language ‘PHP’?

The programming language, “PHP” comes from the name of “Personal Home Page Tools” and is a language used frequently in web application developments.

Thus, what can the language of “PHP” do?

Customization of Software “WordPress”

Do you know software called “WordPress”? WordPress is software to create homepages. It is said that a quarter of the global website and about half of the content management system have been created in WordPress.

Furthermore, “WordPress” used by numerous people all over the world is developed in PHP. Therefore, it can be said that WordPress and PHP have inseparable relationship. It can be used without knowledge of PHP, but understanding PHP would allow you to customize WordPress freely.

Things “PHP” can do

What PHP can do is “Build a Website”.

Thus, what can PHP do specifically?

1: Enhancement of your blog contents

As WordPress has been originally created for blogs, your blog can be customized and enrich itself.

If it is well-used, the design would be inconspicuously improved.

2: Development of EC site

It is also possible to build an EC site in PHP.

Creating a “shopping cart” and “contact form” is an item to learn on the basis of PHP learning. By understanding this deeply, significant parts of EC site can be created on your own.

Advantages and disadvantages of “PHP”

Here are some of advantages and disadvantages of PHP.


First of all, some of the benefits of learning PHP will be introduced here.

1: Easy to use on server rental

PHP has been made available to use on many server rentals, so it is easier to build than multilingual.

2: Easy to comprehend even for beginners

As many users exist, a lot of books and frameworks are available. Even on-line learning has sites in order to study PHP.


Next, the disadvantages will be discussed here.

1: Vulnerability remains

While beginners can easily learn, some weaknesses of security have been also pointed out. Try building in one of the programming languages other than PHP if you get used to do programming.

2: Vulnerability remains

While PHP is the best suited language for building Website, it has a disadvantage that it can hardly do anything else.


PHP is a suitable programming language for building websites, and it can even customize WordPress themes. However, the vulnerability has been also pointed out in part because it is a beginner-friendly language.

Why don’t you consider implementing “PHP” depending on Web service applications that you are aiming for?

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