What can you do with the Markup language ‘HTML’?

What can you do with the Markup language ‘HTML’?

“HTML” stands for Hyper Text Markup Language, and it gives a clue that it is one of the markup languages from there. Markup language is a language to describe contents of documents and data in the text files.

Essential to Front-end

The front-end that describes a web page basically consists of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Among them, HTML is essential for creating static web pages. Static means “no movement”.

What you can do when writing HTML

Writing methods of the markup language, HTML are quite different from other programming languages. The features would be explained here.

1 Enabling to put tags

In HTML, contents to be displayed are surrounded by tags with angle brackets <>. If the pair tags are surrounding, it can be determined as writing in HTML.

2 Using tags to distinguish paragraphs and sentences

When actually displaying sentences, size, font type, and color are different. There are various HTML tags such as h1, h2 and p, so you can use them to distinguish sentences and words.

3 Specifying font size and its color

In general, the markup language CSS is often used to specify the font size and color. However, if they are already specified in the HTML description tag, they can be adjusted without specifying them in CSS.

Advantages and disadvantages of HTML

Thus, what are advantages and disadvantages of HTML? Let’s go over one by one.

Advantages of HTML

HTML is essential for creating web pages. However, unlike the programming languages, comprehension and memorization would be easy as it has few logics. If you are newly structuring web pages, this language would be beginner- friendly to get started.

Disadvantages of HTML

It is possible to create dynamic web pages by using CSS even without JavaScript, but it is not so realistic. Furthermore, the HP would be boring by just learning HTML.

Please think about the HP that you usually visit. Surely, you do not want to see such static homepages only.


HTML is an essential markup language for creating web pages. However, HTML is useful for structuring static pages, so learning the programming language, “JavaScript”must be done in order to create real dynamic pages. In addition to that, even though the markup language, CSS is necessary to fix styles, adjustments of color and size can be done with HTML alone.

Anyway, it greatly gets closer to Website structure if you learn HTML, and it is the language that is easy to learn. Please try it.

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