[Type Distinction] “Features” And “What Can Be Done” With Each “Programming Language”

【Type distinction】 “Features” and “What can be done” with each programming language

What do you visualize when hearing “programming”?

All of these such as mobile applications, games, and websites that are casually used on a regular basis are developed by the programming languages.

Many programming languages have been developed until now, and those would continue to grow in the modern society that advances the internet.

In this article, features of  Programming language by type and what can be done with each language will be discussed.

Before going to the next, it is okay to read the article entitled “5 Things Programming Can Do” and go back to this article to start studying again if you wonder what the programming can do!

1: Javascript

This “Javascript” is one of the recommended languages ​​for beginners, and it is a basic programming language for people called programmers.

It is also a language for decorating markup languages ​​(HTML and CSS), which will be discussed later, and is a required language for Web engineers. For beginners who are not sure from what language to learn first, JavaScript would be good to begin with.

Additionally, since many languages are frequently compared to “JavaScript”, understanding this language first would ease to grasp other languages.

Features of Javascript

  • Object oriented
  • Wide field
  • Highly recommended for beginners

Things can do

  • Backbone of bank system
  • Web site coating
  • “Android” application

2: Ruby

The programming language “Ruby” originated in Japan has a high profile.

The programming language “Ruby”, which is so compatible for Web application development, can be acquired relatively easier even by programming beginners, and its structure is visible.

Speaking of “Ruby”, the existence of “Ruby On Rails” should be kept in mind. Note that this “Ruby on Rails” is a framework of “Ruby” and not an abbreviation.

Features of Ruby

  • Framework is “Ruby on Rails”
  • Language of Japan origin
  • Simple structure

What Ruby can do

  • Web application development
  • Machine learning
  • Scraping
  • API

3: Go

The first language “Go” released in 2009 was able to run only Linux and Macbook at the beginning. Nevertheless, it has become familiar with many operating systems as it can be run on Windows now.

Even in the backgrounds such as “iPhone” and “YouTube” used on a regular basis, the language “Go” is utilized. In addition to that, our lives may significantly change if this language does not exist.

It is a language that is not well-known yet, but it is definitely a useful language that is deeply involved in our daily lives.

Features of Go

  • Easy to figure out causes of errors
  • Usable operating system has increased
  • Easy way to write programming language

Things can do

  • Web server construction
  • Application development

4: Swift

The most popular apple products in the world have been developed by this “Swift” language.

“Swift” is less well-known than “Javascript” and “Python”, but within the engineer community, it is a language that can not work without knowing this language.

In 2010, Apple developed the “Swift” language, and the press release was in 2014, four years after that. It took a considerable amount of time.

Features of Swift

  • Basically the language is for the Macbook
  • 4 major elements (fast, safe, interactive, easy to read)
  • The latest version is 4.2

Things can do

  • Application development such as iPhone etc.
  • Creation of Web server

5: Python

Among many of the programming languages, “Python” is one of the most popular languages.

This language is also famous for less troubles. Moreover, it is relatively easy even for beginners to use. It is said that “AI (Artificial Intelligence) would take away human work” after years, and the language of this AI is “Python”.

Devices that used to move manually can change to be fully automated by using this language.

Features of Python

  • Relatively easy
  • Popular language
  • Easy to study

Things can do

  • Game development
  • Image processing and collection / edition
  • Data analysis

6: PHP

Among many of the websites that use WordPress such as company websites and personal blogs, “PHP” is an essential language for customizing websites like WordPress.

If you are proficient in “PHP”, making own design or launching an EC site can be done. On the other hand, however, it should be noted that there is a factor of concern in security.

It is still a language that even beginners can comprehend, so it is worth it to learn if you are WordPress users.

Features of PHP

  • Easy to learn even for beginners
  • There is a demand from now
  • Security is weak

Things can do

  • Blog Customization
  • EC site development

7: C language (C ++)

“C / C ++” ,which has existed for a long time, is upward compatible with the C language and is object-related C language. With the addition of object orientation, complex processing can be done.

In addition, it is an useful language for developing apps and games, so it is for people who want to develop apps and games in the end.  Beginners may find difficulties as expected, so it is recommended to learn other languages first and then acquire this language.

Features of C ++

  • More complicated processing can be performed than C language
  • A language with history

Things can do

  • OS development
  • Game development
  • App development
  • Creation of embedded software

8: C #

C # was developed in 2000 by Microsoft Corporation.

A relatively new language “C #”, developed in 2000, was developed by the American super-renowned company “Microsoft”. Thus, it is compatible for “Windows” developed by Microsoft.

Most of the “iOS apps” are basically written in “Swift”, but C# can handle by use of Xamarin. Hence, it is an easy-to-use language.

Features of  C #

  • A wide range of apps can be developed
  • Picking good points of each language
  • Not compatible for OS development

Things can do

  • Game development
  • Windows application development
  • Development of web application and smartphone application

9: Scala

You may have heard of the programming language “Scala” for the first time, but this “Scala” may be considered as a successor to “Javascript”.

Moreover, the biggest feature of “Scala” is that it is a multi-paradigm programming language which integrates “object-oriented language” and “functional language”.

The origin of the seedling “Scala” comes from “scalable” and represents this multi-paradigm.

Features of scala

  • Multi-paradigm language
  • Compile time is slow
  • Successor to Javascript

Things can do

  • Environment is available for Java
  • Language settings that match the latest technology

10: Kotlin

The programming language “Kotlin”, which has been gaining in popularity due to its recent adoption by Google, is also known as a development language for Android applications. In addition, this language interacts with “Javascript” and is also known for its very good affinity with Java.

It is a language that has just begun to appear recently, but it is one of the languages ​​that will become a more popular language.

Features of Kotlin

  • Interoperable with Javascript
  • Convenience of Android development
  • In demand

Things can do

  • Web system
  • App development

11: R

Meanwhile, the programming language “R” has gained attention because it is a language specialized for statistical analysis.

Beginners may not be familiar with this language. “R” is a language that specializes in statistical analysis and is said to become more popular from now on. Some of use overlap with “Python”, but “Python”can develop web applications while “R” specializes in statistical analysis. Therefore, it is a disadvantage that the versatility is relatively low.

Features of R

  • Specializing in data science
  • Plenty of extension functions

Things can do

  • Statistical analysisres
  • Interactive

12: VisualBasic.NET

This “VisualBasic.NET” is also a language introduced by the American super-renowned company “Microsoft” as an application development environment for Windows, also called “VB.NET”.

Once being able to acquire “Visual Basic.NET”, learning Excel’s “macro function (automation)” can be done without hard time.

This language is characterized by being easy to learn for beginners, but on the contrary, note that the versatility is low.

Features of VisualBasic.NET

  • Less value than other languages
  • Low versatility
  • Relatively easy

Things can do

  • Custom add-ins for Office products
  • Windows application
  • Web application

HTML and CSS are markup languages

Some people who are planning to learn programming from now misunderstand “HTML” and “CSS” as programming languages. Nevertheless, strictly speaking, they are “markup languages”.

These markup languages ​​are easy to learn from books, services, lessons and so on, so if you are interested, it is good to get some clues from the article below and learn!

As an imagenation, “HTML” is entire face, “CSS” is parts of face such as eyes and nose, and “Javascript” is a makeup.

When acquiring in the order of “HTML” → “CSS” → “Javascript”, anyone can enhance their skills. Please refer to this article and learn the languages you are looking for!


In this article, the “features” of “12” types of programming languages plus markup languages and “What can be done” with them have been discussed. It is a good idea to consider that you learn a certain language for what development first and then learn and practice the languages.

For example, if you are planning to learn a web-based language, try to find out fields you want to develop such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, etc.!

Also, it would be good to begin with “JavaScript” that has been recommended in the article entitled “Recommended Programming Languages For Beginners” for those who want to study programming but do not know from what they should start first!

Various languages are available, so please use this article as a reference!

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