LAYLA Free Staclean Notebook Campaign!

Act fast while supplies last!

For a limited time, all Buyers and Sellers that make a purchase or sale on LAYLA will receive a FREE Staclean notebook!

What is Staclean?

Staclean is a made-in-Japan brand of Dust-Free paper products for use in Clean Room environments.
This sample is a 32 page, A4 size notebook, and while it is designed for use in a Clean Room, you can of course use it anywhere!
Click this link to see the listing for details, or to purchase a 10-notebook case!

How do I get one?

As a Buyer, simply place any order to receive one of these notebooks! As a Seller, when you receive any order, you will also be sent a free notebook!

Time limit

From October 12th until December 18th, while supplies last!


One notebook per order, not per item in the order.
Notebooks will be shipped by LAYLA-TMH from Japan, separately from the order’s Seller, and may arrive earlier or later than the order.
Notebooks will generally be shipped once an order’s payment has been made and confirmed. Exceptions may be decided by LAYLA on a case-by-case basis.

Other Staclean Products

There are many other types of Staclean products available for your Clean Room, from sheet paper and adhesive tags to binders and clear files!
Click this link for the full range of Staclean products ready to be purchased on LAYLA:
And click this link for a product guide pdf for Staclean products:
If you plan on making a bulk purchase, please contact us for possible deals!


For inquiries regarding this campaign, or any Staclean products on LAYLA, please contact LAYLA support.


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