The Process of a Purchase on LAYLA

How does a transaction on LAYLA actually progress? Here’s a brief summary:

A Buyer finds and orders an item on LAYLA (after confirming that its in stock and the correct item first!).

The Seller will receive notice that an order has been placed on their item. They can then contact the Buyer for any additional information and start preparing the item to ship.

The Buyer then pays for the item, either by PayPal or bank transfer. If they use PayPal, the payment could be made directly to the Seller. If using bank transfer, then the money will enter LAYLA’s escrow service.

Once the Buyer has paid, the Seller will be notified, either of the payment to their PayPal being completed, or that the payment is waiting in LAYLA’s escrow, and the Seller will then ship the item.

Once the item arrives safely, the payment will be sent out of escrow to the Seller, and the transaction is complete.

If you want to know more about transactions, check here, and if you want to register your free Buyer or Seller account, go here!

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