LAYLA’s Escrow Service

LAYLA allows two ways to pay for a purchase: either via PayPal, or by bank transfer through LAYLA’s escrow service.

PayPal is usable for transactions up to US$10,000, and is generally the preferable option. It is faster, allows direct payment to the Seller, and avoids bank service fees.

But if the transaction amount is over US$10,000, the Buyer or Seller does not have PayPal, or the Buyer does not want to use PayPal, LAYLA’s escrow service makes paying via bank transfer safe and easy.

The Buyer’s payment will be made to LAYLA’s bank account in Japan, where it will be securely kept while the transaction proceeds. Once LAYLA confirms that the Buyer’s payment has entered our account, LAYLA Support will notify the Seller to ship the order. Upon confirmation that the order has arrived safely into the Buyer’s possession, LAYLA will transfer the payment, minus sales commission and service fees, to the Seller. At this point, the transaction is completed.

LAYLA uses the escrow service to protect both Buyers and Sellers from fraud, and to ease returns and repayments, should they be necessary.

See here for more information on LAYLA payments, and you can register your free LAYLA Buyer or Seller account here!

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