Why Does LAYLA Use PayPal?

While it is possible to make and receive payments on LAYLA entirely via bank transfer, there are many reasons why it is preferable to use PayPal on LAYLA.

PayPal is a payment service used worldwide to make successful overseas transactions. It is used safely and reliably for both LAYLA Buyers and Sellers. The service is available in 203 countries and regions and handles 100 currencies.

> Link to PayPal

Why is PayPal chosen by LAYLA users?

  1. No initial costs or monthly usage fees
  2. Easy to install
  3. No need to enter credit card information every time when making purchases, lessening the time burden on Buyers
  4. Payable in multiple currencies
  5. Quick payments
  6. No need to wait for checks or money orders
  7. Reliable security
  8. Risk is reduced by PayPal’s industry-leading security technology and fraud countermeasure team.

What is PayPal’s Buyer Protection Program?

  1. When a problem occurs with a purchased product, LAYLA provides compensation under certain conditions.
  2. In the unlikely event that a product delivery is delayed, and the Seller and Buyer cannot communicate sufficiently, the Buyer can use this system to ask for compensation and void the previous transaction.
  3. For details, please refer to PayPal’s “Buyer Protection System.” (See PayPal link above)

PayPal is limited to payments of $10,000. If you are involved in a deal over that limit, the transaction will need to be conducted via LAYLA’s escrow bank transfer service.

For more information on payments, see here, to register your Buyer or Seller account, see here, and to browse LAYLA’s items, see here!


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