LAYLA’s ‘ASK’ Function

Why can you hide your price on LAYLA? What is the point of the ‘Ask’ function?

Sometimes the Seller might have items that don’t have a set market price, or who’s price fluctuates wildly. In these cases, it is difficult or impossible to set a definite price on every item, as they would need to update every price constantly.

Therefore, they can only give the price for the current time. Using the ‘Ask’ function, Buyers need to specifically ask for the price of the item, allowing the Seller to give an up-to-date estimate for the item.

Buyers and Sellers liaison through LAYLA Support when using the ‘Ask’ function. We can support both parties through the process, and set up a payment option once a price is decided upon.

See here for more information on selling, and check here to register your own Buyer or Seller account!

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