What are the Benefits Of  “Mobile Revolution” In “African Region”?

What are the Benefits Of  “Mobile Revolution” In “African Region”?

In Africa region where has a population of approximately 1.2 billion people, not many people possess their own mobiles until now.

However, about 38% of people have mobile devices now, and it is predicted the number of mobile users would reach about 500 million by 2020.

Thus, why has mobile devices spread to Africa so far?

Why mobile has spread in Africa

There are several factors that have made mobile popular in Africa.

For example, second-hand mobile devices used in Europe were flowed into Africa at low prices. In addition, mobile devices did not spread  as “low literacy rate” was remarkable, but it was also said that improvement of mobile functions had succeeded in eliminating the barrier.

Africa’s Internet Penetration Rate

At present, the Internet penetration rate in Africa is about 35%, and the number of Internet users is about 50,000.

Although the penetration rate and the number of users are still small compared to other continents and regions, the current situation is that the number of Internet users is increasing every year.

Three benefits “African region” received through the spread of [mobile]

With the widespread use of mobile devices, there are many benefits that the African region has received.

Among them, the three factors that have made a major impact on mobiles will be discussed.

1: Education

The spread of the Internet has also changed “education” of African region.

Until now, sufficient teachers could not be recruited for reasons such as labor shortages and low wages, but with the spread of mobile devices, it made possible to study good contents for free of charge.

2: Medical

The spread of the Internet has made it possible to use mobile terminals, enabling “telemedicine.” By making full use of the Internet, it has become possible to connect rural hospitals and urban hospitals and to provide better services.

3: Business

Until now, in Africa region, it has been difficult to have a bank account due to the costs and the procedure issues involved in opening an account.

However, with the spread of the Internet, it became easier to do business as electronic money became available, and anyone could have an online bank account.

Liquidity of money is very important in business.


African region is gradually getting better, but there are still many challenges.

However, because of the spread of mobile terminals, a large economic zone has been created, so even developed countries are starting to move into the African region.

This is a good aspect of globalization.

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