[Type Distinction] Completely Covered! “Features”of Robots As Well As “Advantages” To Implement Them

[By Type] Robot’s “features” and the benefits of its implementation are completely covered!

Robots have been and will continue to enrich our lives.

However, when hearing about “AI” and “robot”,

many people or companies who/that don’t get the image may wonder what kind of robots, what they can perform, what benefits they have, and so on.

In this article, “features” of robots and their “merits” by type will be introduced here.

If your company wishes to implement robots in order to increase productivity, or if you have a desire of substituting robots to let them perform things that are inconvenient in your life on behalf of you. Please check this out!

1: Industrial robot


Companies utilizing “industrial robots” are increasing year by year, and use of these robots will be common as expected in a few years. companies in experimental use are increasing, and they tend to see how it goes upon implementing the industrial robots.  


First of all, it is good to see whether you can match by renting industrial robots (Advantages and Disadvantages of “renting” [robots]).


Advantages of implementing “industrial robots”

Few mistakes

Reduction of labor costs

Free from working hours

2: Parallel link robot


Although there are some similarities of use with industrial robots, “Parallel link robot” has a feature of “enabling to move rapidly even though their rage of movement is narrow”.


Industrial robots are difficult to manage, expensive to manage, and time-consuming to use with anything. On the other hand, “Parallel Link Robot” has a simple structure, so it is easy to manage. Thus, it has the advantage of being relatively easy.


Advantages of implementing “Parallel Link Robot”


Easy to manage compared to industrial robots

Excellent in accuracy and speed

3: Marriage hunting robot

There should be many people who did not know the existence of “marriage hunting robot”. I did not know about it either until I researched. This “marriage hunting robot” has been developed for people who are not good at communicating with the opposite sex. Moreover, Japan was the first country to use the robot during a marriage hunting party.


By taking questions and answers into the system in advance, the robots can establish conversations with each other. This was an unexpected usage, but the reputation was good in the follow-up questionnaire. Hence, this event will be continued in the future.


Advantages of implementing ” Marriage hunting robots”


Communicate with the opposite sex on behalf of you

Relieve tension

No need to think about questions

4: Cooking robot

It is a famous story that cooking robots have been used in Chinese restaurants for several years. In the restaurant’s kitchen, there are places where robots are cooking, not humans. In recent years, in the UK, a “complete cooking robot” has been developed in which the conventional “cooking robot” with cleaning functions added.


This is also a robot recommended for those who are not good at cooking, and those who do not want to spend time on cooking as much as possible. Therefore, it is better to wait and see the situation until the price drops as it is still overpriced.

Advantages of implementing “cooking robots”


High performance

Unexpectedly cheap

Substitution of cooking and cleaning

5: Parenting robot


A parenting robot can be reliable if both parents who are busy for their working or those who cannot spend time for their childcare can utilize the robot well. Furthermore, children can be exposed to the most advanced technology by letting them spend a time with the robot since their early childhood. As we are living in the AI era, the ways of childcare may change.


It is recommended for those who are afraid of letting their children have cell phones but wish to let the children have a lot of proficiencies.

Advantages of implementing “parenting robots”


Free from letting your children feel alone

Expose to the most advanced technology

Enable to inquire things we do not understand

6: Caregiving robot

In Japan, the phenomenon of “the decreased number of children and the increased number of elderly people”, that is, the aging population with declining birthrate is a problem. Under such a circumstance, there is a so-called “Caregiving robot” that would solve the problem. While the difficulties of caregiver retention for homecare as well as nursing care services are lamented, the social problem can be resolved if the caregiving robots become widespread in this society.  


Even if this groundbreaking robot is not expected to spread yet but is in the developing stage, it will be a robot definitely needed from now on. Moreover, its demand would increase more for sure.  

Advantages of implementing “caregiving robots”


Protect your privacy

Feel free to rely on

Cost reduction

7: Pet robot


If you are those who want to have a company but think socializing is still bothersome or those who want a pet but think taking a walk is still troublesome, “pet robots” are recommended. In addition to that, it does not require to worry when going on a trip if you have a pet robot. No need to worry about their poop either.  


However, since the fact that it is a just robot can not be changed, it is also true that it would not be suitable for people who love real pets.


Advantages of implementing “pet robots”


It is not impacted by your business

No need to take a walk

No excretion

8: Communication robot


Communication robots have more uses than other robots. For example, this robot would be for people who live alone feel lonely, nursing homes where does not have enough manpower, and people who do not want to see anyone due to depression etc. Many examples can be raised.


It would be useful for those who are not good at communicating with human due to “shut-in/anti-social” caused by the internet society. They can use it as the first stage of communication practice, so it can be really used in various ways.


A demand of “communication robots” will grow from now, but the robots are still very few in this society. Thus, we can keep an eye on these trends.

Advantages of implementing “Communication Robots”


Prevention of dementia

Provide entertainments

Emergency response available

10: Vacuum cleaner robot


It becomes a vacuum cleaner robot that is very useful for those who say that it is hard to clean. It is recommended for those who are busy for daily life and do not have a time and an energy to clean. In addition, the vacuum cleaner robots also resolve the “noise” issue and are notorious for less noise compared to the conventional vacuum cleaners. The vacuum cleaner robots also have the feature that the overall rating is high.  


However, because it has a disadvantage of “not being able to handle obstacles well”, it would be wise to check some reviews from someone who already has or YouTube videos before purchasing it.

Advantages of introducing “Vacuum Cleaner Robot”


Substituting of cleaning

Resolving noise problems

11: Wife figure robot


Having non-human wives would become common in this society? “Wife figure robots” have been developed to resolve the shortage of wives that are problems in China.


In China, the shortage of brides is getting serious, and it is said that “matching tours” are very popular. A company that has sensed a business opportunity from such a current situation in China is currently developing a “Wife figure robot”, but as a matter of fact, the development cost is huge, and the price is very high. Thus, it would be good to wait and see until the cost drops from now.


Advantages of introducing a “Wife figure robot”


Substitution of performing some housework

Become a conversation partner

Summary of all 11 types of “robots”

In the past, it was a common sense to use “human hand” to work in general. While companies holding fast-paced information and large companies have tried to implement AI to some extent, it would be further accelerated to become AI from now.  


By all means, it would be appreciated if you could try not only to refer to this article and understand the features of each type of robots and their usages but also to implement it even as an experiment.


It may take some time and cost to be stabilized, but companies that improve their productivity would also increase when considering efficiency to develop business in the long run.

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