“Advantages” And “Disadvantages” Of [Self-Driving]

“Advantages” and “Disadvantage” of [Self-Driving]

Recently, more news of autonomous vehicles have been seen, but how many people are interested in advantages and disadvantages of autonomous driving?

Advantages and disadvantages of “Self-driving”will be explained here.

Advantages of self-driving cars

Although an element of concern in “self-driving”remains, the development is still progressing due to the advantages.

Thus, some of the benefits associated with “self- driving” will be discussed here.

1: Decrease in number of accidents

As stated in this article entitled, “Who Is Responsible When Autonomous Vehicle Causes An Accident?”, the number of accidents would not be zero, but a decrease in the number of accidents would be expected.

2: Reduction in annoying driving

As robots substitute for driving on behalf of humans, there is no concept of “feelings”. Although there are problems such as occurrences of accidents due to “tailgating” every year, self-driving will reduce the number of annoying driving since AI does not perform this dangerous act voluntarily.

3: No need to operate driving

When talking about the advantages of self-driving, we cannot help discussing this point. A Robot (AI) drives on behalf of humans, so using your smartphone or doing other tasks would be possible during self-driving.  

4: Cheaper insurance

This is unclear until autonomous vehicles are widespread among many users, but if a reduction in the number of accidents can be expected, the premium will be cheaper.

This is also one of the benefits.

5: Elimination of the traffic congestion

Self- driving can also help you figure out the traffic congestion and optimize routes, thus it can contribute to eliminate the traffic congestion.

In addition, the distance between vehicles can be optimized and the stopping position can be accurately performed.

Disadvantages of self-driving cars

Next, disadvantages of self-driving will be discussed.

1: Failure of system

If you are driving and cause an accident, it is easy to take a responsibility for your own fault. However, if you have an accident by self-driving, you may not be convinced

to take a responsibility for the accident.

2: Decrease in employers

Including taxi drivers, the number of bus drivers and car service providers will decrease.

3: Risk of hacking

The risk of being hacked from the outside is one of the disadvantages. If an autonomous car is hacked during self-driving, it would be very dangerous because it can be fatal.

The risk management is required, and it should be discussed more in the future.

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