What can you do with the programming language “C / C ++”?

What can you do with the programming language “C / C ++”?

C / C ++ are essential languages to understand embedded devices. Both languages have been around for a long time, so these are languages in which developers have used at least once. Therefore, what can we do with the languages, “C / C ++”?

Differences between “C language” and “C ++”

First of all,  the differences between C and C ++ would be briefly explained.

C language: It has been a language that has a high versatility since it was born. The history of C language is long. Furthermore, it was developed as a language that was highly versatile by Dennis Ritchie in charge in 1972. Since it has become the origin of the wide-spreading programming language in recent years, there are many languages that have similar syntax. Therefore, it is the suitable language to learn first.

C ++ is upward compatible with C

C ++ is a versatile C language that object orientation has been added. In addition to that, it was published by Bjarne Stroustrup in 1983. Complex processing can be done as it has object-oriented. This language may sound familiar since it appears in game productions frequently.  

Things “C language / C ++” can do

As C ++ is upward compatible with C, it can perform whatever C is capable of.

Therefore, things these two languages can do will be summarized here.

1: Development of OS

Actually, the OS can also be developed in C language / C ++.

When you get to know this, you realize how great C language is.

2: Development of app

In recent years, the need of smartphone apps has been greater, and even consumers would decide their purchase depending on whether services would be provided by certain apps. C/C++ are able to develop such apps as well. However, use of the programming language, “swift” is common when developing iPhone applications.

3: Game development

C / C ++ can also develop games. In addition, processing speed is faster than other languages, so less stressful games can be offered.

4: Creating embedded software

C / C ++ can also create embedded software. Embedded software refers to software embedded in devices such as home appliances. In recent years, the importance of IOT is increasing, so the demand of C language that is suitable for its development would stay.


Above all, things the programming languages, C/C++ can do have been explained. Even C/C++ have been around for a long time, the significance still remains in game and IOT fields. Understanding these languages would ease to study others. However, it is also true that learning these languages would be challenging for beginners as if she/he starts learning Latin without studying “Italian”, “Spanish”, and “French” in advance. It is recommended to start with a language such as “Ruby” first and then learn how fun programming is.

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