What can you do with the programming language ‘VisualBasic.NET’?

What can you do with the programming language ‘VisualBasic.NET’?

The programming language, “VisualBasic.NET” is a language based on BASIC for beginners. Microsoft company has been provided it since 2001, and it is also called VB.NET.

By the way, it was simply Visual Basic before the appearance of “.NET Framework” which was Microsoft’s application development as well as execution environment.

Due to the appearance of “.NETFramework”, the object-orientation has been adopted, and any redundant codes can be expressed with simplified ones. Therefore, the basic structures are the same, but some grammatical differences can be found from both.

The momentum as good as it used to be has been lost in recent years, but it is still used in the fields of Companies’ internal system and development of free software.

Then what kind of features does “VisualBasic.NET”actually have?

What “VisualBasic.Net” Can Do

Next, things that this language can do will be introduced as follows.

1: Development of Windows application and Web application

Since VisualBasic.NET has been provided by Microsoft company, of course,developing Windows applications is possible for them. In addition to that, developing web applications like “Ruby” and “PHP”is also possible.

2: Custom add-ins for Office products

Office products such Excel can be also added to custom add-ins if the integrated development environment, Visual Studio of Microsoft is used.

Advantages Of “VisualBasic.Net”

Upon appearance of Windows, VisualBasic.NET is used as Windows’ environment of application development. Then what are differences from other languages of application development?

Let’s look at the advantages at first for the comparison.

1: Easy to learn for beginners

The programming language, “Basic” which is the base of VisualBasic.NET, has been developed for beginners. Therefore, VisualBasic.NET itself is also easy to learn for beginners.

Although the momentum as good as it used to be has been lost, it is still easy to learn as books for Visual Basic.NET can be found in bookstores.

2: The expression is similar to VBA

If you are familiar with Excel, you may have heard of the term VBA. VBA is used in Excel’s macro functions to help automating Excel. As you can see from the names, these VBA and VB.NET have some similarities in their expression.

Therefore, if you have experiences to use VBA in Excel, it would be easier to learn Visual Basic.NET. In another way, if you have learned Visual Basic.NET, you would be able to use Excel macro functions as well.


Now, let’s look at some of the disadvantages!

1: Low value

Since it is considered as a language for beginners, it would be difficult to be a strong asset as written skills. However, the numbers of the project are endless as it is still in the popular ranking on the other hand.

2: Low versatility

This also originates from being a language for beginners. Learning this language does not mean that understanding other programming languages would be easier as this language has distinctive features.


The following is a summary of the above. What you can learn with VisualBasic.NET has been discussed. This language is easy to learn for beginners.

Even though this language is easy to start learning, you would need to start over learning other languages from the beginning again.

By the way, if you are the person who already understands VBA of Excel and wants to learn programming from the beginning, “Ruby” and “JavaScript” are recommended.

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