What can you do with the programming language ‘Kotlin’?

What can you do with the programming language ‘Kotlin’?

The programming language, “Kotlin” has been developed by JetBrain company as in charge. Furthermore, it is a brand new language that was created in 2011, and its first official release was in 2016.

The reason why this new language has been drawing much attention is that it has been selected as a development language for Android applications. Then what can Kotlin actually do?

What “Kotlin” Can Do

Let’s check what Kotlin which is popular with the future prospect can do.

Web system and application development

Kotlin can perform from web applications to smartphone application development.

Development of Android application often needed to be done by “Java” until now. However, the development can be done by Kotlin from now, and any redundant expression can be avoided.

Merits of “Kotlin”

Now, let’s organize the benefits of Kotlin based on the above.

Merit 1: Interoperability with Java

Because Kotlin and Java are 100% interoperable, it is possible to keep classes written in Java and write in Kotlin, and vice versa.

Merit 2: Convenience of Android development

As mentioned several times, Kotlin has been recognized as the official development language of Android. It means a lot, and it is a chance to enhance the value of the presence of this language. In the meantime, developing Android becomes convenient.

Merit 3: Possibility of Converting to JavaScript

“Kotlin” can also be converted to “JavaScript”, so Kotlin can now describe processing in a browser that can not be described without JavaScript.

Merit 4: Increase of Needs

Companies that have adopted Kotlin are increasing due to Google’s adoption. Therefore, it would be a determining point of capability of Kotlin use in the job markets in the future.

A demerit of “Kotlin”

Kotlin would be popular even more in the future, but there is one demerit.

History is short

As it is becoming one of popular languages, the community gets excited and the appearance of the related books is increasing. However, there is still an impression of less appearance than Java. Furthermore, even though the official homepage has been translated to Japanese, there are some incomplete parts.


The following is a summary of the above. Things Kotlin can do has been discussed. Since Kotlin has been recognized as a development language of Android, your annual income can be expected to increase in the future due to gaining in the popularity of Kotlin.

It is worth for anyone who used to develop Java but has given up on it to re-challenge since there is no redundant expressions.Regarding the incompleteness of Japanese in the official HP, it would be improved due to gaining in the popularity.

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