What can you do with the programming language ‘C#’?

What can you do with the programming language ‘C#’?

The programming language “C#” has a meaning of a half step above C. In other words, it makes better with #. C# was developed by Microsoft Corporation in 2000.

It is assumed that C# would be used in .Net Framework of the application development as well as the execution environment developed by Microsoft.

Therefore, what can C# actually do and what is different from C and C++?

Things C# Can Do

C# can perform developments in various fields.

1: Game development

By using unity that is the game development tool, developing games in C# is possible.

2: Development of Windows application

By using Visual Studio that is an integrated development environment, creating Windows apps (desktop apps) can be done with relative ease.

3: Development of Web applications and smartphone applications

As well as being able to create web applications, C# can develop smartphone applications by using Xamarin that is a library and a framework. In recent years, the need of smartphone apps is growing, so proficiency in writing the codes would be a strong asset.

In addition, if Xamarin is used, C# can handle iOS applications that are usually written in swift.

Advantages of “C#”

Now, let’s go over the advantages of C # based on the explanations above.

1: Handling a wide range of applications

Depending on the programming languages, many of them ​​are not compatible for smartphone applications. However, C# supports a wide range of Windows apps, web apps, and smartphone apps.

2: Picking the best things of each language

C# has the best things of the popular programming languages such as Java, C++, and Visual Basic. Furthermore, it is one of the popular factors that it is easy to understand compared to C++.

Disadvantages of “C#”

No disadvantage of C# then?

1: Not compatible for OS development

The C language is compatible for OS development, but C# is not. However, beginners who think about the OS development might be few.


As explained above, things C# can do have been introduced. C# can be used to create various applications and is very useful. In addition, if Visual Studio which is an integrated environment is used, developments can be done with relative ease.  

On the other hand, even though this language made C language useful, it is better to decide whether to learn C# from now depending on your own goal as there are also things that are not compatible with OS developments etc.

However, C# is relatively new, and probabilities of securing annual incomes are highly guaranteed in the future.

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