What can you do with the Markup language “CSS”?

What can you do with the Markup language “CSS”?

“CSS” is coming from Cascading Style Sheets. This language is necessary in order to arrange the display style when outputting HTML documents which are also markup languages to browsers or printers.

Although it is possible to create a web page with HTML processing alone theocratically, it would be insipid. Therefore, please always learn CSS as a pair when learning HTML. Let’s look at the details.

Essential for Front-end

The frontend that describes Web pages basically consists of “HTML (Things the markup language,” HTML ” can do)”, “CSS”, and “JavaScript (Things the programming language,” javascript “can do)”. In addition to that, CSS is absolutely necessary for HTML and JavaScript.

What you can do when writing CSS

The markup language, CSS is very different in writing from the programming languages, ​​”Ruby” and “JavaScript”. Therefore, the specific features of CSS will be explained here.

1: Elements can be specified by Selector

A selector is an item that specifies parts where you want to apply a style. CSS selector can be used to specify tags you want to change a style in HTML.

2: Specifying a style to apply in Property

The property is a name that represents a type of style. In short, when a tag is specified by the selector, a style can be determined in the property. Various contents such as text color, background color, text size, margins, height, and width can be adjusted at this time.

3: Use of Box model

Using the box model and using expressions such as margin, border, padding, height, etc., a display area can be created with a box. This allows you to specify the range in which you want to display the text.

Advantages and disadvantages of CSS

What are advantages and disadvantages of CSS?

Each point will be checked one by one.

Advantages of CSS

Even with HTML alone, specifying size and color can be done. However, sentence structures would be much easier to understand by using CSS. In addition to that, when wishing to keep the same basic structure even the page changes, creating a common form would be much easier by utilizing CSS.

Disadvantages of CSS

Depending on browsers, the style may be broken. There are sites to check which browsers are not compatible, so the compatibilities need to be checked before publishing.

Furthermore, since CSS is for mainly decoration, it is a disadvantage that a web page cannot be created by itself.


CSS is an essential markup language for creating web pages. However, basically CSS alone cannot create web pages. When learning CSS, it would be effective to learn HTML together. In fact, it is more effective.

If you can use CSS, you can arrange sentence structures and build consistent web pages.

First of all, once a structure is created in HTML, please feel and see that various styles can be changed by utilizing CSS.

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