When does “5G” start in the world?

2019-05-20 午後3.09.10

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In the world, when does “5G” start?

Korea started 5G service on April 3 2019 and 5G related news became more noticeable.

The United States and South Korea have launched services already, and after them, Japan and China. America and South Korea are currently leading the 5G to promote technology development.

There is a lot of news related to 5G in Korea and the United States, but how will 5G spread in other countries and in the world and when will 5G spread worldwide? ?

Japan starts service from 2020, one year behind Korea and the United States

Speaking of 2020, there will be an Olympic in Tokyo, so Japan seems to start offering services for that. China has announced that it will launch its service at the earliest  is this year in 2019 but at the latest in 2020.

In Asia, Korea leads Japan and China. What about Europe and Oceania, which we do not listen to 5G related news too much??

Europe and Oceania start in 2019

In Europe, Switzerland and Finland have announced that they will start service at the earliest 2019. After that, Finland and Germany are planning to start the service.

The Oceania region, especially Australia is planning to start 5G service in early 2019 so, 5G services in Australia are expected to begin soon.

It will start in Africa in 2019

In Africa, South Africa is scheduled to start 5G service in 2019, and in all African countries, the service is scheduled to start at the earliest in 2025.

As developed countries are starting to provide services by 2020, we feel that the service to be introduced in 2025  in Africa is late.

Aim to start in 2020 in Southeast Asia

In addition, in South-east Asia, Thailand and Vietnam seem to be aiming to start service by 2020. Thailand and Vietnam, which were thought to be still developing countries until recently, they are about to start service at the same period as Japan.

Technology has grown significantly in recent years. Mobile phones are also popular in African countries where the internet penetration rate is still low. The Internet is considered as a common infrastructure, but 5G is likely to become a necessary infrastructure soon.

There is also a story that in Japan, the pole has been regarded as a symbol of development of Japan, but in the future, 5G is likely to be one of important factor for the development.

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