What is the difference between “5G” and “4G”?

2019-05-20 午後3.09.10

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What is the difference between “5G” and “4G”

Have you watched the news about 5G recently? South Korea started 5G service on April 3 and became a big topic around the world.

Japan is planning to start the service of 5G from 2020 which has Olympic world in Japan.

It has been a topic all over the world so far, but I think there are many people who do not know what 5G can do and the difference between 4G and 5G in the first place.

Difference between 4G and 5G

Here are some differences between 4G and 5G.

Communication speed

Communication speed is so much faster than 4G. For example, when you are  downloading a movie, it takes 3 to 5 minutes with 4G, but it will be finished in a few seconds if it is 5G.

It is thought that the world, such as business, will be closer to the any countries because you can communicate faster with 5G.Nowadays, because of  the Internet, the world can feel very close to each other, but when 5G becomes available, the actual distance between two different locations in the internet environment will be the same.

Simultaneous connection

Simultaneous communication is possible even with 4G, but 5G is different because it can be connected simultaneously up to 1 million units at the same time. As simultaneous connection becomes large and communication speed becomes faster, it seems that the way of working will be changed to more freedom.

Meetings are still held online by using skype, or other app, but 5G can communicate with many people at a higher speed, and since it is high resolution such as 4K8K, it will be possible to feel that everyone is in the same room with no delay when they have the online business meeting.

Capacity of data

Apparently, the 5G’s data volume will be 1000 times more than 4G. With the development of Iot technology, it will be easy to understand that the data capacity will increase as the Internet will be connected to appliances etc. on a daily basis.

Concerns about 5G

However, there is one concern when data capacity has increased and data conversion (5G) has progressed that might leads the IT gap to grow more.

Some people are not good at using machines and can not use PCs,  but some people use IT equipment to make everyday life more convenient. If 5G spreads, there will be more things that can be done on the Internet, so the IT gap will grow larger.

People who will have more convenient  life and people who are the same as before. There are many things that can be done with 5Gt with 4G.  Since there are a lot of things that can be done and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has to decides ideas of ​​what can be done with 5G.

The start of the 5G service in 2020 may be a turning point to have two different group of people which are  people who use IT technology to make their daily lives more convenient and people who are not good at using IT. It may be a good idea to start collecting information about what can be done with 5G from now so, it will help us to have less IT gap between people.

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