What can you do with the programming language ‘Swift’?

Origin of the programming language ‘Swift’

‘Swift’ is a programming language that was born out of ‘Apple’ in 2010. It was released to the press in 2014, so it was a language that actually took four years to develop.

It is a programming language that is ruled by four elements of code: “Easy, safe, fast and interactive”.

By the way, since its release, there have been a number of version upgrades, with 4.2 being the latest version.

Also, Windows can be used with the language if it can create the same environment as a Mac, but it is generally better to think of it as a language for Apple computers.

What you can do with ‘Swift’

You can create applications that work on iPhone, iPod-touch, Apple-Watch and Apple-TV. You can also create web servers and other applications.

Therefore, it is possible to develop and sell an application that has not yet been conceived using ‘Swift’.

By looking at trends in the industry, and forecasting what will come in the future, or deciding what kinds of applications and systems are lacking, it is possible to develop things that have not yet been invented.

How to study ‘Swift’

It is a beginner-friendly language that is relatively easy for programming because there is less to be remembered.

I said that there is little to remember, but what should actually be remembered?

All you need to do is learn the languages of ‘Swift’ and ‘XCode’. ‘XCode’ is a software that apple provides to application developers.

Free download is available on the Apple-store, so you can easily start developing applications. The way to learn how to develop applications using ‘Swift’ is to first learn about ‘XCode’, then about ‘Swift’, and then to start creating and understanding the basics of an application.

By the way, the main ways to study ‘Swift’ is through reading books, going to study sessions, and finding study material on the internet.

Awareness of ‘Swift’

The popularity of ‘Swift’ programming is still relatively high compared to ‘Python’, ‘Java’, etc. If you are already involved in application development for iPhone and Apple-TV, it is necessary to know about it but for beginners, not many people do know about ‘Swift”

As Apple products become more popular and it is clear what language the applications of the products are developed using, the number of people who will want to learn ‘Swift’ should increase, and at that time the popularity of different programming languages should change and shift dramatically.

The future of the programming language ‘Swift’

There is less to remember than with other programming languages, but it is likely to develop and become a more useful language in the future if it can be incorporated into the programming education that school students will receive from now on in Japan.

So, the future of swift programming is pretty bright and it is one of the languages ​​to look out for and watch progress.

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