What can you do with the programming language ‘Go’?

2019-05-20 午後3.09.10

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When did the programming language ‘Go’ begin?

The first version was released in 2009 and worked only on Linux and Mac, but now it runs on Windows and can be used on various operating systems.

By the way, according to data released by a company in 2016, ‘Go’ is the sixteenth most popular programming language. The first is ‘JavaScript’ and the fourth is ‘Python’. In the past, ‘Go’ was not even ranked.

Considering the factors attributing to a language’s popularity, it seems like a language’s degree of universality, or cross-platform (multiple operating system) usability, and its ease of use are strong deciding factors of popularity.

What can you do with the programming language ‘Go’?

‘Go’ can be used to build a web server, and also ‘Go’ is also used for background of Android, iPhone, YouTube and more. Without ‘Go’, I assume that lots people will have problems in daily life and at work.

Since ‘Go’ programming can quickly convert the language for comprehension by the computer, it is said to be very good because it is easy to use and it is easy to find out the cause of an error when it occurs and causes the program to stop working.

Only the parts that are necessary for the program to operate without waste are adopted since it is very easy for engineers with not many experiences, people often prefer to use it.

How to learn programming language ‘Go’

As to how to learn ‘Go’ programming, it depends on the environment in which the individual is located.

However, I think that it is a good course of action to commence studying by finding a website that seems easy to learn from.

In fact, there is no school that officially offers courses in ‘Go’ programming, so at this point it is almost required to learn through books or the internet.

It is certainly cheaper to learn through these methods than it is to spend a lot of money on going to school. Beyond that, I think that you can further your learning ​​by engaging and practicing programming in ‘Go’ with clear goals.

Future of programming language ‘Go’

I think that there is considerable demand for knowledge and skills in languages ​​that are used in the background of smartphones, as they are closely attached to everyday life.

However, ‘Python’ is above ‘Go’ in terms of recognition and popularity, as ‘Go’ is a language known primarily only among engineers.

As applications and servers using ‘Go’ programming will continue to be built in the future, people living outside of the systems engineering sphere are expected to continue to benefit from ‘Go’ without knowing .

Therefore, if you start studying ‘Go’ from now, there will likely be no decrease in demand in the future, and you may be able to turn your knowledge into your own secret weapon and use it to your advantage.

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