What can we do with the programming language “Ruby”?

2019-05-20 午後3.09.10

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What can we do with the programming language “Ruby”?

Unlike most other languages, the programming language “Ruby” is relatively easy to learn, even for beginners. This is because it has a simple-looking structure and is does not use the difficult “symbols” unique to other programming languages.

Because of such characteristics, “Ruby” is often used by startup companies and venture companies.

So what do you actually do with the language Ruby?

Ruby framework “Ruby on Rails”

“Ruby on Rails” is often mistaken for “Ruby”, but “Ruby on Rails” is the framework of “Ruby”.

Ruby on Rails is the fastest framework for developing web applications and is one of the most popular frameworks. As I mentioned earlier, since you can develop Web applications without using difficult “symbols”, there are many cases where it is utilized by venture companies.

Because “Ruby” is a programming language that originated in Japan, it is often used on Japanese sites, and most of it is developed within the “Ruby on Rails” framework, so “Ruby” and “Ruby on Rails” is good to remember and be thought of as a set.

What you can do with “Ruby”

Here are some of the things you can do with Ruby:

1: Web application development

It is for web application development that “Ruby” is most used.

“Eating Log”, a large, famous website in Japan, is a good example of how “Ruby” is used and what products can be created using it.

As mentioned earlier, “Ruby on Rails” is characterized by more gems than other frameworks, and it can be used to minimize the time required for web development, making it especially useful for in this regard.

Because “gem” for creating a website is more complete than other languages, you can build a site with very little effort.

2: Machine learning

Ruby is also a very useful language for machine learning.

However, “Python” is also a language suitable for machine learning, and in fact, it is probably better suited for machine learning than “Ruby”.

3: Scraping

“Ruby” is also suitable for extracting specific and predetermined information from webpages, in a process called “scraping”.

If you have the technology to use “Ruby”, you can easily scrape with it. However, copyright issues can also come into play, so you need to be careful when scraping.

4: API

“Ruby” can also create “API” by making full use of “Ruby on Rails”.

Therefore, you can see that many useful processes are possible using “Ruby”.

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