[Korea] launched the world’s first “5G” services in April 2019

2019-05-20 午後3.09.10

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[Korea] launched the world’s first “5G” services

Korea has long boasted top-class communications in the world and now Korean companies SK Telecom, KT, and LG Yu Plus have launched the world’s first 5G communications on April 3.

The service was scheduled to start on April 5. However, after the United States announced that they would start their 5G service one week earlier than they were previously expecting, Korea changed their starting date and started their 5G services on April 3.

Korea was the first in the world to push ahead with plans to launch 5G services. I think that many people would ask “why did Korea stick and compete for the world’s first?” Here, I will introduce the reasons why Korea has made the world’s first introduction of 5G services.

The merit of launching 5G as the first country in the world

I will explain why Korea stuck with becoming the world’s first country to offer 5G services.

Korea can show off to other countries

Currently, Korea’s economy has been having rough times, and they are trying to bring good signs to and revive the economy through the government-led introduction of 5G.

I think that the world will recognize Korea’s technological superiority as a result of their introducing 5G services to the world.

That is the aim of Korea, to be the first country to release 5G, attract global attention and boost their economy.

Data can be collected earlier than in other countries

Also, the benefit of getting started quickly is that you can collect data faster than in other countries. Japan’s 5G launch is still a year away, so under these circumstances, Korea will be able to obtain more data faster for a whole year regarding how to improve their mobile services than Japan. Korea has long been known for their high quality mobile devices, so they can take this opportunity to push further ahead.

Which one do you think would be better, a Japanese mobile service that has just been made compatible with 5G, or a Korean service that has been updated based on their superior data for a whole year?

Since it is the beginning, the possibility of bugs, difficulties, etc. are expected. Then, if it is thought that it will be one year of updating and adjusting until the Japanese services are considered effective and fully operational, that will have been two years after Korea’s services launched.

Korea is trying to lead the world with an overwhelming sense of speed. You can see the focus of South Korea on 5G.

What are the disadvantages of rushing the 5G?

There is also disadvantages of making the service start earlier.

For example, on April 3rd in South Korea, 5G was only available to the ex-figure skater Kim Yuna and a limited 6 people of k-pop idol groups, and the spread of the service to a wider audience has only just started.

At first they tested their 5G service in a limited pool and then they felt that would spread from then on.

I will pay attention to the future of Korea, which wanted ‘the world’s first 5G service provider’ title.

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