Wife robot was developed in China

2019-05-20 午後3.09.10

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A process of development of a wife robot

In China, numbers of unmarried men is increasing, and it became a clear that male population is larger than women population; male population was 33.88 million in the end of 2015.

People who created a wife robot thought there will be business opportunities so it led them to develop a wife robot.

Things men are seeking from a bride are cooking and washing. Other than that, they want to be heard their stories and to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. That means that they want the wife robot to take care of their surroundings and emotional support.

Recently, number of men who cook is increasing, but everyone would like others to do cooking and housework for them. It has not changed in any period of time.

China’s problem –  lack of brides

From China’s population ratio, there is a data that tells that population of males are 12 percent more than females’.

As a result, men go overseas such as Vietnam to look for brides with marriage hunting tours, because China is now in lacking of brides. Especially, mens are looking for someone who are not obsessed with money much and it is usually in Cambodia or Vietnam which are still in Asia.

The reason why Chinese mens are less likely to look for a bride in China, it is because Chinese women have a strong attachment to money and it is difficult to reach to the marriage because they do not balance the income of rural men and women’s’ obsession with money.

There is also a marriage hunting tour

This marriage hunting tour is called a marriage mediator business, and the tour fee is about 330,000 yen, and the mediator companies are promoting their businesses by saying “we can get married within 3 months”, and this attracts many Chinese single men.

There is a tour that has an option which introduce another woman to the man if the bride run away from the man even after they get married, that’s why it is becoming popular.

Things you can do with a robot

At the moment, it is said that the wife robot can do household chores and the robot can have simple daily conversations with a person.

What a wife robot can not

At the moment there is nothing special you can do with a robot other than just doing housework and getting a simple conversation.

Also, since AI (Artificial Intelligence) is installed, it is expected that the scope of the robot’s work will be expanded by deep learning, and if the robot understands the humanity of the person who bought the wife type robot, you will be able to enjoy more conversation with a robot.

Future usability

Since customization is also available for the robot, the buyers can ask the company to make the robot with good looking and personality a buyer like before the they purchase it.

Therefore, it is possible to have a made to order robot of your choice.

Development cost of a daughter-in-law robot

The development cost of the wife-type robot announced in China this time has not been formally mentioned, but the cost for other robot development is about a billion yen if combined with application development and hardware development so, it costs a lot of money to develop one robot.

It is thought that for the invention of the wife type robot, it probably cost around 1 billion yen to 2 billion yen.

By the way, the  price of the wife type robot is  360,000 yen, and in the near future, the robot’s body temperature will be managed  to have similar temperature as human as humans’, so, you will be able to feel the warmth from the robot soon. I think that makes lots of people to buy robots in China.

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