Why Parents are worried about Programming Education

2019-05-20 午後3.09.10

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Why Parents Have Anxiety in Programming Education

Programming has been booming recently.

There are programming schools where elementary school students can go, and programmers are in high demand, and it can be said that number of programmers will be increasing in a few years.

Because of the programming boom, programming education for elementary school students will become a compulsory subject from 2020.

For older people in Japan, probably it’s unbelievable for them to think that students now use a computer from elementary school, moreover, it becomes the time that elementary school students make apps.

Because of the boom, there is a survey result that tells that  there are many parents who are worried about programming education of children.

Why parents concern about the programming education

  • “There is a facility in the school, but it might cost money when students try to learn at home independently.”
  • “I cannot teach children because I have never studied programming before”
  • “I am worried that children will not be able to understand well in classes if programming becomes compulsory”
  • “Since I do not understand programming in the first place, I do not know why it is useful for children”


There are many more concerns by parents. It is understandable for parents to have anxiety.

As one of opinions above, it makes sense that parents who don’t understand programming can get anxious about new school subject.

1: “Cost”

There are tools to study on the web, so there is no need to worry about spending money on programming study. In addition, even if you try to set up an environment at home for children, you can easily work on programming study with a cheap laptop.

Therefore, it does not cost much.

2: “I can not teach children because I have never studied”

There are not many ways to solve this, it is important to revision at home for kids, if you do, Children need to do revision at home.

But if parents do not know anything about programming. It is natural that they become worrying.

3: “Feel worried that children will not be able to keep up with classes if programming become compulsory”

Even if you study hard, not always learn any kind of study. Moreover, when it comes to programming, you need to be able to understand the ideas or patterns well.

If you do not understand your parents at all, you will not be taught and you will be uneasy.

4: “They do not know how programming helps the future of my child”

If parents don’t know what the programming is in the first place, parents won’t know why studying programming is a meaningful for children. It seems like there are many parents who are questioning about the programming becomes compulsory subject.

You can study and review at home with free programming study tools. However, there is likely to become a problem  when kids cannot follow study as new subject.



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