What you can do with AI (Artificial Intelligence) programming

The present capabilities of AI programming

As for current AI programming, there are several observations that are fear-inducing.

It is reported that AI takes jobs away from humans, and there would be many individuals who would feel a sense of disgust or unease just seeing AI in action. Unfortunately, the current situation of AI, they can do better than human for listening  to directions carefully and work on it,

However, they cannot make quick decisions, and it is difficult to feel subtle nuances. However, the sounds programmed along with AI have become much more realistic than when they were originally released, for instance, the singing voices of AI robots have become much closer to that of a human’s.

Given the current situation, AI programming is likely to be supporting various tasks in the coming years. Even now, some companies have introduced AI programming to call center operations and distribution operations and have had success.

What you can do with AI programming?

Here are some of the things you can do with AI programming.

 Image Analysis

In the medical field, I have seen broadcasted on my television a case where CT and other diagnostic imaging are being performed automatically. This has been done by doctors to find illnesses, but if imaging diagnosis is left to AI programming, it is possible to judge potential illnesses from a vast amount of data automatically.

Voice Field

AI voices are becoming so realistic that, if you were to have a conversation with a modern AI robot without seeing it, it can be impossible to tell that it isn’t a real human.

Simple Tasks

AI can handle simple data entry tasks that humans have previously been doing, and AI can also handle tasks such as cashing out by automating the process.

Various judgements are required, but if a learning system called ‘deep learning’ is used it can learn patterns, then the AI can do these jobs that were previously done by human employees.

Share Trading, Data Forecasting, Hiring

Recently, there are investors who automatically conduct stock trading using AI. AI can also predict future profits and prices using vast data, algorithms and formulas.

Some companies also use this technology in their recruitment process.


Many different companies and car companies are working together to make vehicles that has self-drive system by using  AI programming, but it seems as though it may take a long time for Japanese laws to adjust and the self-driving car technology phenomenon to be realized.

In order to learn AI programming, you must have knowledge of the programming language ‘Python’ as it is the language widely used for programming AI.

If you are not familiar with ‘Python’, you cannot engage in AI programming. There are many ways to learn the language, from books and videos to online schools and seminars.

Choose the right, feasible way for you, learn AI programming and improve your skills.

Can AI programming coexist with humans?

AI programming automates simple tasks. However, AI cannot identify the things by itself so, they always need humans for the first.

AI is working well based on the past data. AI cannot work well without data that means to coexist with AI, we better to understand that what humans can do well and what AI can do better than humans.

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