What can you do with “javascript” programming

2019-05-20 午後3.09.10

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What can you do with “javascript” programming

If you are interested in programming, you should hear about the programming language called “javascript”.

This language is becoming famous and is used in creating various systems.

There are many prominent systems, to name a few there are “Android” applications, core systems of banks, most websites and web services and also, a system that will be named later.

The future of the programming language “javascript”

It is very likely that “javascript” will continue to be used in the future, and even if other programming languages ​​expand their abilities and uses, they will co-exist.

If you are learning javascript programming, it is possible that you are too busy to go to sleep depending on the job type.

Where should we learn from?

It seems that it is difficult for a totally amateur person to learn “javascript” through books and such; although there are books for ‘beginners’, there are very few easy-to-understand ones, so it is a language that should be learned in seminars and schools, where a teacher can aid your understanding.

However, you can use it at work just by simply making an upfront investment of time, so keep in mind that you should steadily improve your ability. “Javascript” is also used in the systems and applications we are using right now, on this blog.

I understand that there is so much demand about this topic, so I will say that I have a lot of work to do.

How to test the power of “javascript” programming

To test your javascript programming skills, there is a test that you may take. If you look it up, there are three unique qualifications for javascript programming in Japan.

・ Oracle Certified Java Programmer

This is an exam sponsored by Oracle and is called an international exam. There are 3 different grades of bronze, silver and gold. Also, it is a Computer Based Test (CBT).

It is a test that measures the proficiency of individual’s “javascript” ability the level of which is relative to the grade. Bronze can be taken at home, but it is only valid in Japan, whereas silver and gold are valid overseas.

At each grade, the passing mark is between 60% and 65%. Also, the gold test has a component that cannot be completed without the silver qualifications’ knowledge set.

・ Javascript programming ability test

The exams again consist of three levels, grades 3 to 1 and are sponsored by the ‘Certify Information Processing Ability Accreditation Committee’. It is a private examination conducted within Japan.

The 3rd grade exam is held three times a year in June, January and March, the 2nd grade exam is held in January and June, and the 1st grade exam is held only in January.

You can pass the 2nd and 3rd grade exams if you study well enough, but the 1st grade is exam requires practical experience.

・ Android technician certification examination

A test run by the ‘General Incorporated Association (Open Embedded Software Foundation)’. This test was created in Japan. It is a privately-conducted but internationally-recognised examination which tests individual’s knowledge of Android platforms and applications.

There are two grades, ‘Basic’ and ‘Professional’, and the Professional Exam Summary has been published, but it has not been implemented at this time.

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