Recommended programming language for beginners

Recommended programming language for beginners

I think there are a lot of people who know about he programming boom in these days.

In modern times, various things are made by programming. Programming is also used for games and apps, as well as for home appliances and automobiles.

Also, recent technological innovations such as robot development are definitely supported by programming. As an aside, games such as Pokemon and Mario are also created by programming.

From now on, I will introduce programming languages ​​recommended for beginners who have struggled to study how to do programming or have decided to study.

Recommended programming language for beginners

There are various programming languages ​​such as “Java, Ruby, Python”. (Html ​​& css is not a programming language strictly)

The language to learn also changes depending on what you want to do, such as application development. (Swift etc for app development)

Each language has its own characteristics. The programming language recommended for beginners is “Javascript”.

Advantages of learning JavaScript

“Javascript” is a language that can be used for various things such as web development and application development if you can learn it.

In other words, “javascript” has high versatility.This is one of the benefits of it.

Disadvantages of learning JavaScript

When you are learning, javascript is easy to stuck and struggle to learn but it is one of the most popular languages ​​in the world.

In other words, “javascript” is difficult to learn for beginners. This is one of the disadvantages.

“Javascript” can support other languages

In addition, by understanding “javascript”, there are languages that are easy to understand, so it helps to improve skills. When you explain the meaning of programming, functions are usually used for programming.

Functions used in “javascript” are relatively easy to understand, and even beginners can learn it by themselves, so by working on “javascript,” you will not only be able to use the basics of programming, but you will also be able to image what programming is .

Learn high versatile “Javascript” and open the way to become programmers. In addition, this is easy to get stuck, but no need to worry because we can study from the basics at study site which is called “progate”and so on.

If you study “html & css” and “javascript” as well, you will be able to create a website, so we recommend  to study with “javascript”.

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