“Programming” education will become compulsory in Japan

2019-05-20 午後3.09.10

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Programming” education will become compulsory in Japan

It goes without saying that the demand for programmers has suddenly and dramatically increased in recent years.

But why has programming education become required in Japan?

Actually, it is said that Japan has three major factors that contribute to the decision to make a programming education mandatory.

These are similar to the benefits of receiving programming education, but nonetheless, I will now introduce the three major factors.

Three factors that make programming education mandatory

Here, we will explain the three major factors that made programming skills mandatory in Japanese education.

1: It will become a necessary skill in the future

What can we do with programming? What is made possible with programming?

Actually, programming is always present in our daily lives. The messaging application “line” which is popular in Japan is also created using programming.

In addition, popular games such as “Pokemon” and “Mario” that are known all over the world are also created using programming. Also, the “automated driving system” used in modern cars such as new Tesla models is made possible with programming.

Many recent innovations are brought about using programming.

2: There is high demand

So the demand for programmers has soared in recent years.

It is said that programmers will be in a sought after position, in fact, it is thought that there will be a shortage of programmers in a few years if we continue our current trajectory. It is not possible to become qualified as a programmer through other field qualifications and work experience as it is for many other jobs.

It is often told that programmers such as SEs (System Engineer) have low salary and difficult tasks, but due to the ever-increasing demand in recent years, the salaries are improving.

3: Acquire logical thinking ability

A programming job is likely to be one of the highest salary jobs in the near future.

Even if you are not a programmer in the future, you will learn “logical thinking and judgement” by studying programming.

Logical thinking is the ability to understand and think about causality. You will not be able to program unless you understand the causal relationships, such as function relationships.

You also need to consider the configuration of code when making a programming-related product. Therefore, by studying programming, you can learn logical thinking ability.

Programming writes a huge amount of code (programming strings). If there is a little mistake, there will be an error and when the code is executed, it will not function as intended. Errors are part of human nature, but it is how we identify and deal with them that matters.

Compulsory programming education is also important for our future young generation’s lives and also for future technological innovation.


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