Problems and issues of Programming Education

2019-05-20 午後3.09.10

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Problems and issues of Programming Education

Currently, programmers are in high demands.

I think some people have started programming  because of a programming boom and maybe some people are thinking about start it.

In Japan, programming education at elementary schools is been made from 2020.

Although it is a programming boom now,  this boom will be still a growing. Despite the fact that there are tutoring places and reference book about programming, it can not be said that the educational environment is ready yet. What’s more, there is also a problem of whether there is enough human resource who can teach programming as compulsory subject in elementary school.

So let’s consider the issues and problems of current programming education.

Programming Education’s Challenges

Issues and problems in programming education

In some languages, reference books are not prepared, and the higher the language, the higher the tuition fee for the school. And, there is no secure that enough human resources and reference books for programming in elementary schools. There are some problems.

And new programming languages ​​are produced often.

Also, the more advanced and niche languages, the fewer numbers of reference books. Popular and high demand languages ​​have many different type of reference books, but it might be difficult for beginners. Moreover, self-study is hard only with a reference book.

Problems of programming education

Here we will raise some issues.

Tuition fee is expensive

There are a lot of programming schools, but in the current situation, tuition is expensive.

So there will be many people who are aiming to be a  programmer, but they stuck, and they have to give up on going to the programming school because the tuition fees are too expensive.

Securing human resources

This might be the number one challenge.

Compulsory learning subject in all elementary school in Japan means all students across the country will learn programming in the class. How many teachers can teach to millions of elementary school students? Also, even if you can teach, it will be difficult to maintain the high quality of teaching way.

For example, it is the same situation that you would like to be taught by a person who actually studied abroad rather than people who haven’t studied abroad and learning English by themselves only with reference books.

Since programming can be studied with reference books, probably, teachers will be someone who just studied with reference books and people who have never actually created contents. If this happens, those people might be teach skills that you don’t have to learn.

There is no point to make programming compulsory if they can not maintain the quality of teaching programming.

However, programming, which is expected to further expand in demand from now on, must be a thing that can get many attentions even though programming education still need to be improved.

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