Is it possible to earn in ‘blockchain’ games?

2019-05-20 午後3.09.10

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What is a blockchain game?

Blockchain games are games that make use of blockchain technology.

Additionally, if the the game that uses apps and is provided by conventional companies, the company that provides gaming program stop providing the program that will leads users to lose their money in the game.

However, in the case of blockchain games, items and money earned and collected will remain even if the game is deleted. As this game system becomes pervasive, the way in which users deal with the game may change slightly.

Moreover, if the game provider company is the one provide the program, it is no likely to have problems such as data get changed or make users’ characters weaker  by random people. This helps users to enjoy the game more with trusts.

What is blockchain?

‘Blockchain’ is the bitcoin transaction technology. It means to store data by making lists of transactions into blocks.

The biggest advantage of this system is the decentralized management of transactions, so it has the strength to cope with failures well.

Therefore, customers do not have to face problems such as users cannot withdraw their money because of machine trouble like ordinal banks that uses real money. And it will help the companies’ and families’ money to flow smoothly.

Thus, if you use blockchain technology, you will protect your assets and be less susceptible to complete system failure.

How to earn in blockchain games

Assets earned in the blockchain game can be exchanged between users using virtual currency in the game, and it can also be exchanged for real money, so, If you use that system well,you can make assets.

For example, you can sell items that you own to users for real money which will strengthen their created characters and allow them to earn money by completing more difficult quests, killing more difficult monsters, etc. You can freely buy and sell in the game because you can decide for yourself.

When you play a game, you will be exchanging virtual currency using in-game currency called tokens.

The future of blockchain games

Blockchain games are still considered geeky and not widely played or known about, but when this technology becomes transmitted around the world on a large scale, there is a possibility that the blockchain game may spread virally.

So, depending on the promotion and marketing of these games, I think that the day when games using blockchain technology becomes mainstream will be in the near future. It is true that the public image and confidence is still not overwhelmingly positive regarding bitcoins and virtual currency.

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