India’s Internet Penetration Rate

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India’s Internet Penetration Rate

Recently, the internet penetration rate in the world has increased rapidly.

The growth rate of Asian countries such as China, which has a large population, and Africa is by far the largest. What is the Internet penetration rate in Asia, a major IT powerhouse in India?

This article will introduce India’s Internet penetration and what the Internet has brought to our daily life.

India’s Internet penetration rate is 40%

With a population of approximately 13 people, the population ratio Internet penetration is about 40%.

You may think that it is less than you thought. In addition, I think that some people might think “Why is it an IT major country? even though the Internet penetration rate is low”.

So, first of all, I will introduce how India has became  an IT powerhouse.

Reason why India became an IT powerhouse

Here, I will explain “Why India became an IT powerhouse”.

1: Can increase working time

The time difference between India and America is 12 hours.

To expand businesses and to make businesses successful, American people wanted to work more time and then, India was on their eyes.

For American companies, there was no reason not to go into India to work with. India is a night when they work. However, when they finish works at night , India is noon, so they are able to operate the business almost 24 hours constantly.

2: Indian people can speak English

Indians are good at English and they are known for  good at mathematics, as there is their way of maths, “Indian mathematics”.

Their ability to use the language “English” makes American companies to work with Indian companies easier.

Currently, big famous companies such as “Microsoft” and “Intel” already expanded into India. It is one of the world’s largest in the IT industry.

What the Internet brings to India

Next, I will introduce what the Internet has brought to India.

1: Economic growth

It is obvious that the spread of the Internet is a huge key for India to become an IT powerhouse.

Even if the country’s internet penetration ratio is only about 40%, but it has become the world’s largest IT country. Time difference is also related, but there are many things the other countries learn from India such as English skill.

If the Internet becomes more popular in the future, India’s economy will grow even further.

2: The collapse of the caste system

In India, there was an old system which is called caste system long time ago.

However, even it is said that the caste system has disappeared, actually the caste system still stays in Indian culture. The caste system still stays with jobs that existed from a long time ago, and also it is said that it will not disappear easily.

However, there is no caste system with IT industry because IT industry’s job was created in recent years.

This is definitely what the Internet has brought to India.


It is surprising that the internet penetration rate of the IT powerhouse, India was only 40%.

If the Internet spreads more, the IT industry is expected to grow further and the Indian economy will grow significantly. It seems like there is no spare time for other countries to have a rest.


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