Four things you can do with the programming language ‘Python’

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What is the difference between ‘Python’ and other languages?

‘Python’ generally requires less effort than other languages when writing a program. Therefore, there is an advantage that when you try to create some program using ‘Python’, the program can be created more quickly or easily than otherwise.

If a human manually writes in a programming language, mistakes are likely to occur, and if there are mistakes, the program does not function, and it is necessary to verify what to fix.

However, in the case of ‘Python’, there are fewer programs to write; the syntax is clearer and more simple, so it is one language ​​that has a relatively flat and low learning curve. Therefore, it is possible that ‘Python’ may be essential for programming education from now on.

What can you do with ‘Python’ 

The following are four things you can do with “Python”.

Game development

You can use this language to develop games. Of course, people with no experience with programming will not be able to do it immediately, but if you study to a certain extent, you can create a game.

However, ‘Python’ finds little use in modern game development, and multilingual programming seems to be dominant.

Retrieving data from the web

‘Web scraping’ is a way to extract specific data from a website. This eliminates the wasted time of forever typing in search words and navigating through the website in various ways.

Image processing and collection, recognition

For example, if you want a sunflower image, you can program a system that will pick some sunflower images from the Internet. This is already being used in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Since it is also being used for facial recognition, it will be possible to perform more accurate image and facial recognition with more detailed conditions in the future.

Data analysis

Python makes it possible to automate the analysis that you used to do manually by programming a system capable of such a feat.

Why is Python so popular?

The language is easy, and when programming an ‘AI program’, which is said to be taking over human work in the future, the language used is ‘Python’, so it has become popular. It is said that the status of ‘Python’ will rise in the future.

In addition, as explained in the section above, since by using Python data can be acquired from the Internet and analyzed, it is expected that there will be demand from a ‘big data’ or marketing perspective.

What should we study about Python from the beginning

Since Python is a popular language, you can get a massive amount of information regarding Python by going to a bookstore or searching on the Internet.

However, even you can get the resources easily sometimes, those resources are not enough. So, attend the lecture class might help you to understand more. I am sure that people who attend the class are all in same level of learning process so, if you want to understand ‘Python’ more, it is a good idea to attend.

If you want to just learn and you do not have to use the skill for work, it is a good idea to pick the language you are interested in the most, and study from that.

In the future of ‘Python’, it seems that its power is expected to become greater and it will become mainstream as the various systems using artificial intelligence become fully operational. Therefore, it is a language that should not be looked over.

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