“Citizenship” was given to “Robot” in Saudi Arabia

In a world’s first, a robot was granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia

No one could have expected a world where robots would co-exist with humans, but likewise, nobody was expecting that robots would be given citizenship either.

In a shocking moment in 2017, a robot was given citizenship in Saudi Arabia, located in the Middle East. It became the first ever robot to have a nationality.

I will explain this in more detail.

Humanoid Robot, Sophia

First, let’s look at some historical speeches.

The Humanoid Robot Sophia developed by Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics has been granted “citizenship”.

I saw and I felt the video, I can see that Sophia’s face is very similar to the human face.

While we casually go about our lives, technology is ever advancing at incredible speeds.

Why Humanoid Robot was developed

The background of the development of humanoid robots such as “Sophia” is that emotional connections between humans and robots make it possible for robots to be employed in retail stores and service industries where communication is vital and to bring healing to general households.

For a while now robots have been active in various fields such as industrial robots and pet robots.

However, the evidence that humanoid robots have the ‘humanity’ and ‘emotion’ lacking in other robots can be said to be a key factor in influencing Saudi Arabia to give “Sophia” citizenship.

This seems very creepy.

We must not forget that the “three laws of robotics” exists.

And in any case, robots and humans must have a “master-slave” relationship, and robots must ensure the safety of humans.

Such provisions are defined in the “three laws of robotics”.

However, read this transcript detailing the conversation between the humanoid robot Sophia and an interviewer


“Do you want to destroy human beings?


“OK. I will destroy human beings.”

A world that we can coexist with robots in a true sense is close

Certainly, robots and humans have coexisted on the earth for a time now.

However, if a robot is given “citizenship” like human beings and can live in the same position with the same rights as human beings, it may be possible to coexist with robots in the truest sense, as equals.

We should not consider the flow of the times, but consider again the boundaries and differences between human beings and robots.

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