China’s Internet penetration rate

2019-05-20 午後3.09.10

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China’s Internet penetration rate

Now, China has jumped over Asia and became the world’s economic power, and China’s population become over 1.3 billion; it produces technological innovations frequently.

Do you know how much is China’s Internet penetration rate?

We will introduce the Internet situation in China where still has strong regional disparities.

China’s Internet penetration rate is 60%

In China, a population is approximately 1.3 billion, and the internet penetration rate is about 60%. In the other word,around 800 million people use the Internet in China.

As Japan is over 80%, now you can see the low penetration rate of China compared to Japan.

However, China’s technological innovation, which has became a major economy in the world. For example, mobile penetration is around 90% even the internet peneration rate is 60 %.

Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages that what the Internet brings to China.

Advantages: Technological innovation (such as cashless)

First of all, technological innovation is the greatest thing for China. As I mentioned earlier, technological innovation is remarkable, but there are many fields that Japan is still behind.

A typical example is cashless. I know that when we travel to China, we have very few opportunities to use cash in China.

There are many shops that only accept QR code payment option even at little stalls on the road.

This is a big thing that Japan should learn because there is a data that tells that reduces the number of crime such as robbery by switching to cashless.

In addition, consumers are more likely to buy because easier to use that leads to the economy goes around.

Disadvantages: more differentials

Making more disparities between regionals is one of disadvantages. There are many people who know about the difference between urban and rural areas in China, but we can predict that the gap will be getting bigger because of the Internet.

People in urban areas have easy access to the Internet, so they can experience the latest technology and make their life more convenient.

In addition, In today’s society, there are many jobs that can not be done without Internet.

People who lives in rural area are usually hard to afford to get a good Internet environment and it might be difficult to improve their income situations.

Therefore, we can see the future that rich people become richer and people with not enough money will have more hard time.


China’s Internet penetration rate is still not high in population ratio.

It gets benefits from the Internet but it also get disadvantages. However, even China has only 60% of internet penetration rate, It is incredible thing that China becomes one of the World’s’ economic power country.

We are looking forward for their future developments.

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