5 things you can do with programming

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Five things you can do with “programming”

I think that if you are a programming beginner, you will see a line of code as something meaningless and perhaps as just a random string of letters and numbers.

These coding strings are actually ‘programming language’ and follow a set of rules and order.

What is “programming” in the first place?

Programming is setting tasks for a computer to do, potentially subject to certain preconditions, using computer language (programming language).

It is essentially creating an environment governed by the laws of the code entered.

For example, suppose you have a computer that can learn automatically, that is, a computer capable of ‘machine learning’.

Computers that are capable of learning do not work from themselves, like a human may.

A computer works by giving instructions in a programming language before carrying out tasks.

5 things you can do with programming

There are 5 types of things that can be done with programming.

1: High speed processing

Fast learning used in machine learning, etc. A huge amount of calculations can be made at a speed far superior to human beings. Programming is essential for fast and massive calculations.

2: Remote processing

You can send data to people all over the world who are accessing the Internet. It is a technology used for applications, etc.・ Automatic processing – Once you create a system using programming, automatic processing allows it to able to work freely without human interference. This applies to vending machines and manufacturing plant lines.

3: Application development

There are three types of applications (apps).

Desktop applications such as skype (running on pcs), web applications such as youtube (running on the web), smartphone apps such as line and games (running on smartphones).

4: Game development

Games such as Pokemon and Mario that are popular around the world are also created by programming.

For example, in Pokemon, you can get a badge if you beat a gym trainer. It is programmed such that, if you win the battle, you win the badge, if you lose, you won’t.

Furthermore, the battle itself is subject to programming with randomly generated numbers dictating damage, selection of an item or move, etc.

5: Robot development

Pepper the humanoid robot is a great example of fairly recent robot development, Pepper has also been programmed to carry out its functions.

Recently, everything from self-driving car technology, drone delivery, etc. is made possible using programming. You can see that recent technological innovation is supported by and necessarily relies on programming.

When you say “programming”, it may be difficult to picture and imagine anything besides a wall of text, but your everyday life is full of programming.

There are many things that can be done with programming, so something that you use everyday is likely to have some sort of relation to programming.

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