The advantages and disadvantages of childcare robot

The advantages and disadvantages of a child-care robot?

Do children really need to be raised by adults?

The robot development company “AvatarMind”, which operates the business mainly in the United States and China, has introduce a childcare robot “iPal”, which is a new to the entire industry.

This “iPal” is designed for not only to interact with children, but also to answer the questions that children normally have.

Here, we will introduce the merits and demerits of childcare robots such as iPal!

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Advantages of a Child-caring Robot

Now let’s look at the benefits of a parenting robot.

1: Always be by the side of a child

In a double-income family, it is difficult and time-consuming to make time for a child to talk to always.

However, if there is only one child-care robot at home, the child may be able to make them entertain themselves a little bit, and that can be very helpful for the late working family.

Of course, talking with parents is also important for children, but it will be very useful when parents are late for work.

2: Touch the latest technology

You can experience cutting-edge technology by touching and using the machine for spending kid’s time with it.

Maybe you think “Why?” often to a question of the more actively your child studies, as a result, the child tries more to study independently.

In the modern society where “IT industry and globalization” are developing, if you deal with robots such as robots children are young, it may lead them to have better future, which is an advantage.

3: You can ask questions at any time

When parents are tired or they are not with children, the child may hesitate to ask questions to the parent, but the robot can be asked or answer questions at anytime and anywhere as there is no “emotion” for robots. This is also a benefit.

There are many families who do not want them to have a cell phone especially, when children do not have information literacy. But a child care robot can reduce the number of failure with using social media and technology.

These are advantages of a Child-Rearing Robot

Next, let’s look at the disadvantages of child-care robots.

1: Robot can not be careful

There are things that children can not do and can not identify what they can do, but robots have the disadvantage of not being able to be careful as much as parents dol.

You can be careful if you’re a parent, but you can’t do that due to the robot has no emotions.

This is the biggest disadvantage.

2: We can not see the expression

The inability to see expressions of joy, sadness, etc. from robot may causes anxiety for children.

No matter how much children’s  has a sense of friendship or closeness with robots, not knowing the “facial expression”  lead to increasing the child’s daily dissatisfaction.

This is also one of the disadvantages.

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