Advantages of introducing Parallel Link Robot

Advantages of introducing parallel link robot

Robots have become an opportunity to advance modern society, but among them, parallel link robots are one of the most popular robots.

Recently, there are many companies that use industrial robots, but these robots have the disadvantages of high installation cost and time-consuming management and maintenance.

The relatively new “Parallel Link Robot” solves these problems. Here, we will introduce some of the advantages of incorporating this parallel link robot, based on its features.

Parallel Link Robot

First, let’s look at what features a “Parallel Link Robot” has.

The “Parallel Link Robot” has three arms, made of parallelograms, responsible for controlling and maintaining the orientation of the tip, all arms connect to universal joints at the base. These robots have many practical uses such as the alignment and selection of food flowing on a conveyor belt. Although the range of movement is somewhat narrow, each joint directly controls the tip, so it can move very fast.

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Simply put, the main feature of this robot is that it can move very quickly while its range of motion is narrow and fixed.

Here is a YouTube video, so please take a look. You can see immediately that the movement is very fast.


Two merits of introducing Parallel Link Robot

If you can make good use of this “Parallel Link Robot” regardless of how it is used, it will bring many benefits for the company, such as higher productivity and cost reduction.

Here we introduce two advantages of introducing Parallel Link Robots.

1: Relatively easy to manage

As mentioned above, conventional industrial robots have the disadvantage of being difficult to manage.

However, the parallel link robot is very simple in its structure and has less variation in its structure, making it easier to manage than most robots in industrial use.

The smaller the number of people who are needed to control the machine, the lower the labor cost, which is beneficial for the company.

2: High accuracy and speed

Although the range of movement is inferior to other robots, it makes up for that with its “excellence in accuracy and speed” as mentioned above. Therefore, the robot is most suitable for working with small things rather than for handling large things.

With regard to simple labor, it is more productive to automate the process rather than relying on human beings whom are susceptible to ‘human error’, so it is also highly productive.

It costs less to manage than traditional industrial robots, so it could be one of the most popular robots in the future.

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