Advantages of introducing Communication Robot

Practicality and advantages of communication robot

Have you ever felt familiarity with a “machine”? Even once?

From now on, not only the “human-human” interaction but also the “human-machine” interaction will increase. In Japan, in particular, there is a social problem in which the number of elderly people is increasing and the number of children (young people) is decreasing year by year, that is, there is a declining birthrate and aging society. In such a society, how can “robots” contribute?

Here, we will introduce some of the advantages and features of the “Communication Robot”, one of the modern robots.

Advantages of introducing a “Communication Robot”

Here, let’s consider the merit that the “Communication Robot” gives to humans.

1: Emergency response available

In a low birthrate and aging society like Japan, there is a phenomenon that old people have to support other old people because the number of children is extremely small relative to the number of old people. If such a society escalates and exacerbates from now on, it will fall into the situation that “there is no one who can give aid in the case of an emergency”.

However, because the communication robot is always watching, it can always notify relevant emergency services in the case of an emergency. Therefore, it can contribute to solving these social problems.

2: Prevention of dementia

In Japan, it is said that 1 in 7 people are affected by dementia. Furthermore, unexpected incidents that people with dementia have caused are usually broadcasted in the news.

However, the “Communication Robot” can contribute to slowing down the progression of dementia by talking with the elderly on a regular basis, and may also help to solve problems such as ‘Kodokushi’ or ‘lonely death’.

It is true that the number of young people who care for the elderly is decreasing (in Japan), and if this bad situation continues to accelerate, the significance of the robot’s existence will grow.

3: Provide entertainment

Not only can you utilise communication robots to help solve serious problems, you can also use communication robots for entertainment.

For example, they can play with children, play games with the elderly, help with exercise, and so on.

In this way, not only can you contribute to solving social problems, you will also be able to increase the overall satisfaction of human life.

In the future, if “communication robots” become more widespread and can be used well at lower costs, it will be possible to solve the social problems faced by modern society little by little.

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