Advantages and disadvantages of using a vacuum cleaner robot

The advantages and disadvantages of vacuum cleaner robots?

“I can’t clean the house because I’m at work ..”

I think that there are many people who have this kind of trouble.

Helpers of those people“vacuum cleaner robots” such as Roomba and Dyson have been popular for several years. This time, we will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of this “vacuum cleaner robot”!

Advantages of the vacuum cleaner robot

Here, we will introduce the advantages of vacuum cleaner robots!

Time efficiency

You can use cleaning time for other things. Vacuum cleaner robots cost many times more than manual vacuum cleaners, but have so many benefits.

One of them is that “time for cleaning can be used for other things”.

There are a few of my friends who use Roomba and Dyson vacuum cleaners, and most of them say that it was a good purchase.

After you come back from work, cleaning is absolutely bothersome, but it is very easy to use cleaning robots because robot cleans the house anytime time you like

Saving space and less noise

When you are vacuuming, you might open windows to get dust out. If you do so, I’m really worried about “noise”, because in my opinion, the noise should be avoided at night.

However, the vacuum cleaner robot has less noise than other manual vacuum cleaners so, it can clean any time of the day. Regardless of its noise and it does not take a big space to place.

Therefore, it is very useful for those people who have a house become dusty easily and families who are sensitive to dust.

For people who go to work in the morning and come home late, it is very convenient and useful.

Recently, robot cleaner technology becomes very reliable machine that solves these problems.

Disadvantages of vacuum cleaner robots

Next, I will describe the disadvantages of the “vacuum cleaner robot”.

Vacuum cleaner robots cannot cope with obstacles well

The advantage of using manual vacuum cleaners by humans is that they can avoid obstacles when there are obstacles.

Conversely, vacuum cleaner robot can not cope with obstacles well as one of disadvantage.

If there is an obstacle on the floor or carpet, we can move it and clean it, but if it is a robot, it can stuck and not cleaning well because it tries to avoid obstacles.

Therefore, it is necessary to check the obstacles and places that the robot vacuum cleaner can not handle in advance.

Therefore,vacuum cleaner robots have both advantages and disadvantages. If you are thinking about purchasing it, you can expect the highest degree of satisfaction with purchasing after thinking about its cost performance.


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