Advantages and disadvantages of pet robot

The advantages and disadvantages of pet robot

From now on, not only animal pets,  also “machines” are becoming members of pets.

Some people argue that “machines can not be pets!”, But is there really no possibility for machine to be a pet of humans?

This article introduces some of the advantages and disadvantages of using robots (machines) as pets.

Advantages of pet robots

In here, let’s look at the merits of pet robots.

1: It does not depend on the business

In the case of a living pet, you need to have people who can take care of your pet when you travel, when you are not home, or you might need to give up on your plan.

But if you have a robot pet, those worries are no longer necessary.

Consequently, one of  benefits of pet robot is you do not get influenced your plans and life by pets. In the other words, you do not have to sacrifice anything for pets.

2: No excrement

Since the pet robot does not make messes, people do not have to clean up after your dog or cat which is one of the troubles for  people who have animal pets. People do not have to spend time on cleaning.

If pet grow up without disciplines, they may have to excrete on carpets and flooring, and it might cost you a cleaning fee or teach animals and it takes time, but it is attractive for people because there is no problem with that. This is the other one of the great benefits.

3: There is no need to take pets for a walk

A lot of people who say, “I like animals, but taking them for a walk is very troublesome.” The advantage of pet robots is that they don’t have to worry about taking them for a walk.

It is  very attractive for people because they can always have a good relationship without walking anytime and anywhere, regardless of the weather or schedule.

Disadvantages of pet robots

For the next, we will introduce the disadvantages of pet robots.

1: The fact that it is a machine

This is not a big problem for people who can feel that “machine” is exactly same as actual animal pets, but it is a disadvantage for people who don’t find similarities between “machine” and actual animal pets.

It is not suitable for those people who say that animal pets are loving more but machines have many barriers to go through.

2: The end of relationships if repair is not possible

If people handle or treat them not right, it will be a disadvantage that a pet robot can be broken down.

Medical services have developed for animals, so animal pets can live for long now with those medical services, but because pet robots are machines, sometimes, it is hard to repair robots that means the relationship with robot pet can be finished easily.

When you have bought something that you expected to use it for a long time, but it is broken quicker than you thought. Maybe this situation happened to you in the past.

This is also one of the disadvantages.

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