Advantages and disadvantages of introducing Robots

Advantages and disadvantages of introducing robots

I think nowadays everybody has heard the word “robot” before.

A long time ago, science fiction novels showed robots and humans coexisting and this was like a dream story to most people, but now this is a reality.

Depending on how you use these robots, they can solve the problems that many people have. However, if used incorrectly, unexpected things will happen.

Here we introduce the advantages and disadvantages of introducing robots.


Here are some of the benefits of introducing a robot.

  • It will move as instructed by humans
  • It is more accurate than human beings in simple work
  • Can work regardless of location or environment
  • Overcoming human resource difficulties and labor/population constraints
  • Labor costs can be reduced
  • They are not tied to dedicated working hours
  • Problems such as power harassment and restructuring do not occur

As shown, there are many potential benefits of deploying robots.

First of all, one of the major points to introduce a robot is to be able to work regardless of location. By replacing workers who have been forced to work in harsh working environments, we can avoid unethical operations and utilize more potential working environments.

Human beings can manage robots well and with no disobedience, and they can carry out simple work regardless of their working environment.

And, with the development of robots, human beings do not have to be bothered with doing simple work that people don’t want to do and can instead pass it off to the robots.


Next we will introduce the disadvantages of introducing robots.

  • The program needs to be managed by a technician
  • In the event of malfunction or emergency, human hands will be needed
  • It cannot cope with unexpected troubles, that is, it can only function within the parameters of its code
  • It is better for humans to carry out delicate work
  • Needs extensive space to build, program and equip

As we can see, there are many disadvantages that come with the aforementioned advantages.

The biggest disadvantage is that a robot cannot cope with unexpected problems. Even with machines that are functioning as they should, human hands are needed if an unexpected trouble occurs.

Therefore, it is extremely difficult to completely mechanize any system.

And because it is an IT engineer who programs these machines, completely eliminating human hands is a big risk at this point, as it seems we should allow humans to set the scope of a robot’s functionality.


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