Advantages and disadvantages of introducing care robot

Advantages and disadvantages of introducing care robot

Many robots have been developed so far and have been used in various fields. The functionality and uses of robots will surely grow even further from now on.

Among them, the demand for ‘care robots’ is expected to increase in the future. In Japan, in particular, the problem of declining birthrate and aging population is becoming ever more serious, and it is a fact that there are not enough people to care for the elderly.

Although it is likely that it will take time for the ‘care robot’ to spread to the point where it is commonplace in the world, if it is well developed, it could be one of the most useful types of robots.

Now, I would like to introduce some of the advantages of robot introduction in the fields of ‘care’.

Advantages of introducing care robot

Now, let’s talk about some of the advantages of introducing care robots.

Before that, please see this video to see what care robots look like. If you watch this video, you will immediately understand the promise these robots hold.

1: You can reduce labor cost

Needless to say, as the functionality and usefulness of these robots continue to develop, if you purchase a care robot, there is no need to hire a carer, and you can reduce the labor cost accordingly.

As there are many elderly people who cannot afford ongoing caring costs and who live alone, these care robots provide a useful alternative.

2: Feel free to rely on

If you absolutely outsource care to human care workers, you will see your own private environment be ‘invaded’ and will lose a sense of privacy with these people aiding you at all times.

However, ‘care robots’, can help solve this problem as they can slip out of your awareness just like a piece of furniture when they are not assisting you. Because some people want to spend their favorite time alone and without anyone speaking, the care robot can be very reliable in that respect.

3: Give physical support

As you can see from the video above, the care robot actually provides humans physical support.

It is likely to be very convenient for the elderly, as the elderly can feel free to rely again and again on robots for support.

It will take time until it spreads, but when it gets out in the world, it can help lead to the solution of social problems.

There is also the consequence of the idea that “a country with a large number of children is not necessary”, or, perhaps that birth rates will decline further on an international scale, but nevertheless I am very excited about what kind of developments will be made in the future.

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