Why IT industry gathers in Silicon Valley

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IT industry gathers in Silicon Valley

The heart of the IT industry is the American Silicon Valley. Because Silicon Valley is commonly known, the Santa Clara Valley, in the southern part of the San Francisco Bay area in northern California, and its surroundings are at the heart of IT. Let’s look at why the IT industry will gather in Silicon Valley.

History of industrial revitalization centered on Stanford University

Before the start of the Second World War, Silicon Valley was the center of the IT industry.

Prior to the start of World War II, Silicon Valley had no evidence of being the center of the IT industry.

However, a scholar who thought that it would be possible to conduct large-scale research by utilizing the state support after World War II focused on microwave research at Stanford University, and the state support in the subsequent Korean war.

Succeed in getting And as a result, around Stanford University, which has become at the forefront of microwave research, the movement to support venture companies is activated, among which the semiconductor industry represented by Intel expands. In the 1970s, it came to be called Silicon Valley.

Be tolerant of ventures and have a wealth of expertise

From the above history, the Silicon Valley area is quite tolerant of venture companies, and it is a good environment for the IT industry workers.

In addition, at the heart of the University of Stanford we have a wealth of expertise. Furthermore, because Silicon Valley is heavily invested by a large number of investors, it can be said that it is quite easy to get money when thinking of starting a business in Silicon Valley.

From this point of view, it is still advancing to enter a business or to set up a venture company.

Multilateral cooperation system

In addition, now the center of the IT industry in the world such as Apple, Google, Facebook, Intel etc.

As companies also have research facilities in Silicon Valley, including the government,

It is in an environment where it is easy to obtain cooperation from various fields. It is an environment where it is quite easy to focus on research and development, both environmentally and financially.

A lot of talented people

At the same time as the center of the IT industry, as a culture of America

There is a culture that places importance on its ability rather than its ability, so it can be said that a large number of talented people can easily gather from various fields. In addition, Stanford University is also nearby, so talented people trained at Stanford University are easy to hunting. Therefore, even as a company, it is easy to enhance research ability.


In this way, Silicon Valley has many historical backgrounds and merits for launching a venture and entering a business, so many people and companies still gather as the center of the global IT industry.

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