Why is the IT industry growing rapidly in China?

2019-05-20 午後3.09.10

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The factors of China’s IT industry growing rapidly

As China was treated as a developing country at one time, China is now competing with the IT industry for one or two. However, behind that is China’s special social structure that goes against the demands of the times. This time, let’s look at why the IT industry is growing rapidly in China.

Low “Privacy” as a Socialist Country

While China and Japan are taking capitalism, China takes a socialist position. In other words, the government manages the lives of the people and corrects them so that there is no inequity. However, even with socialism, there is also a market economy, and there is also a structure that competes under the control of a country.

But at the same time, it is possible for the government to cut into the market economy at the discretion of the government. Therefore, there are some very different social structures in America and Japan.

That is the low level of privacy awareness. Because the United States and Japan are completely capitalist, they basically need to protect their own capital, and thus their own self, and therefore privacy is high. It is easy to be sensitive to the leakage of their personal information by the hands of others.

However, in a socialist such as China, the sense of privacy is relatively low because the society is based on the premise of being managed by the government in the first place. In fact, the Internet etc. is censored by the government. And that social structure will lead to passing personal information to useful services with confidence.

Personal Information Automation with Big Data

If personal information that can not be easily obtained in the US or Japan is relatively easy to obtain in China, there is no way it can not be connected to daily convenience. Combining personal information with various information can further improve daily convenience.

In Japan, when it comes to familiarity in a traditional store, it is sometimes referred to as “face pass” etc. and it is sometimes treated as preferential, but it can be realized by linking personal information and a large number of cameras.

For example, even if you bring the product without payment at a convenience store etc., it is possible that the camera’s face recognition will be debited from your credit card.

As a matter of fact, there are already stores of such systems in China.

It can be said that the ability to achieve automation that can not be done by capitalist countries in this way is the number one factor in the rapid development of China’s IT industry.


As mentioned above, China is rapidly developing and is said to surpass the US IT industry in the near future. However, it is also an act with considerable risk from the viewpoint of privacy, and the majority of capitalist countries are trying to strengthen management of personal information in order to compete with this Chinese socialist IT.

When the capitalist people come in front of convenience in China, whether Chinese socialist IT or capitalist IT will survive?

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