Why has India developed its IT industry?

2019-05-20 午後3.09.10

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The reason why India’s IT industry has grown

In net society, the demand of IT industry is expected to be more and more in the future, but recently, among the IT industry, India is called an IT major country, so many companies are launch in India. The number of Indian IT workers is increasing.

This time, we will investigate why India has developed its IT industry.

Not affected by Indian caste system

There used to be a caste system in India.

Of course it is abolished , but the way of distinction rooted in the human mind is not easy to disappear. Therefore, it can be said that de facto is still affected by caste. And those who are under caste do not mean that they can get a job higher than their status, even if they do their best. However, the IT industry was not affected by caste because it was created after caste abolition. Therefore, the IT industry has been accepted as a light of hope to change one’s own poverty, centering on people below caste.

High ability against Indian figures

For the above reasons, even people below the caste are high to learn how the IT industry works

The number of people who receive education etc. increases and their motivation also keeps high standards. In addition, India has a greater understanding of mathematics and is a source of talent for the IT industry. This is the Hindi language of the official language, and as in Japanese mathematics, it can not be expressed as a combination after learning 0 to 9. In fact, Indians seem to remember up to 20 × 20 in Japan.

The semi official language is English

India also has a past that it was once a British colony.

The Therefore, English is adopted as the official language, and it is said that the penetration rate is actually more than the official language Hindi. Therefore, it is easy for various companies to communicate smoothly because people in different countries can communicate with each other by using English, because they can easily communicate with the United States, which has the home silicon valley of IT industry. Can be used as a base.

Time difference is convenient for cooperation with Silicon Valley

In addition, there is another advantage in communicating with Silicon Valley.

The good thing is the time difference. The time difference between India and the US Silicon Valley is 12 hours, but this is the time difference in which the life rhythm is just the opposite, just like in Silicon Valley at night and India at morning. In other words, if you work in the Silicon Valley until night and contact your Indian co-workers, India is daytime, so

You will receive the notification immediately and you will be able to work immediately. This is a great benefit of operating time efficiently.

India was able to greatly develop the IT industry, but behind that there are various factors such as history, language, geography, etc. As a result of combining them, it became an IT powerhouse. It seems that can be said.

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