Why did China become an EC powerhouse in the world?

2019-05-20 午後3.09.10

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Why did China become an EC powerhouse in the world?

Nowadays, not only you can purchase products at stores, you can use the EC site to purchase products. The amount of transactions using the EC site in the world in 2015 has reached USD 1,671 billion, and is expected to reach about USD 347.4 billion in 2020. If you look at this number, you can judge how much the EC site is growing.

Among them, the EC market size of “China” allowed the EC market size of the world until 2013 to be ranked first in the United States, but now it is the first in the world to hold the United States.

So why has the market size of EC sites in China grown rapidly in recent years?

Why is China’s EC market size No.1 in the world?

In China, there are EC sites that are famous worldwide, such as “Tmall Taobao (Alibaba Group)” and JD.com. These huge two EC sites account for about 80% of the sales of EC market in China You are Why is the EC market so much growing so much?

(1) Population

After all, the population size is largely related. China has a population of approximately 1.3 billion and is ranked first in the world’s population, which means there are more potential customers.

And in China, the penetration rate of smartphones is said to be about 70% or more, which means that about 900 million people may be using EC sites. If you include the PC, you will be above this number. After all, if there is a large population of countries that are actively adopting IT, then it will become larger than EC.

(2) Many comparison sites


In China, there are comparison sites on the EC site such as “Pei Mei Mo”, and consumers can purchase popular products and high quality products with reference to these comparison sites as well. This is one of the reasons why the scale is large.

In addition to the Japanese EC sites “Yahoo! Auction”, “Yahoo! Shopping”, “Rakuten Market” and “Japan’s Ecstasy (Paymei Moh)”, it is a site where you can compare EC sites in China at the same time. . This is a search site in Chinese, so it is a very popular comparison site in China.

Using this comparison site, they can compare the EC sites of Japan and China at once. In the future, if not only sites that can compare EC sites within Japan, but also EC sites around the world can be compared in Chinese at the same time, the market size will become even larger.

(3) SNS spread

Now, SNS is highly developed in China, and “Weibo”, which is used by about 300 million people per month, and a messenger application, which is used by about 800 million people per month, “ WeChat has made it easier to review products, promote products, and brand products, as we have included WeChat.

If China’s SNS continues to grow, it will definitely succeed in further expanding the size of the EC market.


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