What will be the future deployment of the dispatch service?

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What will be the future deployment of the dispatch service?

With the spread of smartphones, more and more companies are introducing vehicle allocation services. So,  we will summarize what kind of development will be achieved from the vehicle allocation service.

Firstly, what is a dispatch service in the first place?

A dispatch service is a system that can arrange a taxi mainly through a dedicated app. If you have installed the app, you can find out the location of the taxi nearby, and you can even call the taxi up to where you are. This is a useful tool for both customers and the taxi drivers, because the customers can reduce the time to look for a taxi and the taxi driver can also reduce waiting time.

What is the future deployment of vehicle allocation services?

What kind of evolution will the dispatch service achieve in the future? I considered three possible developments.

World car dispatch service app is launched

The dispatch service has already developed considerably in the world. Therefore, it is thought that these services will be introduced into Japan more and more.

Already, Uber, the leading vehicle distribution service, officially launched domestic service in Nagoya in September 2018, and a few weeks after that, China’s large-order car service DiDi began service in Osaka. It can be said that the trend has begun.

Further expansion of Uber

Among overseas dispatch services, Uber is particularly strong, so it will have a particularly significant impact on Japan’s dispatching service. Uber has made business partnerships with taxi companies in various cities in Japan, and has started service in Osaka next to Nagoya.

It is certain that we will expand the scope in the future, and we will expand the power while using the know-how we have cultivated in other countries.

Disseminate rapidly towards 32020

With the arrival of many tourists in Japan at the 2020 Olympics, taxi demand is expected to increase. Therefore, the government is also focusing on the taxi industry. It is also natural for companies to introduce a dispatch service that allows for taxis to smoothly meet the coming demand, and some Japanese companies are also developing and introducing a dispatch service. From these things, it is thought that dispatch service will penetrate into our lives by the Tokyo Olympics.


The taxi dispatch service has started from overseas, and there is a trend for overseas dispatch services to be introduced in Japan. Among them, Uber is likely to be particularly influential. This trend will heat up towards the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

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