What is the role of semiconductors?

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What is the role of semiconductors?

A semiconductor is located between a conductor that conducts electricity and an insulator that does not conduct electricity. It has been incorporated into many of the machines around us and is no longer essential to life. I think that many people know the name semiconductors and the fact that they are in close proximity, but few people actually know what role semiconductors play. So, this time we summarized the role of the unknown semiconductor.

Role 1 Control of equipment

Due to the nature of semiconductors, semiconductors perform various controls to operate machines. For example, one of the air conditioners can play two roles of cooling and heating because the semiconductor controls the temperature, and the power control is finely controlled so that even a rice cooker can cook delicious rice. They are also used in things other than temperature-related things, such as digital cameras and TV washing machines, and semiconductors play an active role for the opportunity to function properly.

It is no exaggeration to say that semiconductors are no longer essential to make machines. Demand will continue to grow steadily.

Role 2 information processing

Integrated circuits are famous for their use of semiconductors. Generally it is also called IC. This is a device in which elements such as transistors and resistors are integrated on a silicon semiconductor substrate. Although it is small, it can also process information.

Computers use a lot of switching elements to turn on and off electrons, but integrated circuits can pack a lot of elements. Therefore we contribute to information processing.

Role 3 Help save energy

It is a semiconductor that makes our lives convenient, but it also contributes significantly to the environment. LEDs, a type of semiconductor, have attracted attention as eco-friendly products due to their low power consumption and long life. Not only home light bulbs, but also car lights and traffic lights have been adopted more and more. The impact on the environment is also small, and the amount of waste can be reduced, so the impact is quite large. These aspects will be utilized more and more.


Semiconductors are responsible for controlling all kinds of devices, making our surroundings convenient. It is also used in personal computers and smartphones because of its ability to process information, and plays an important role in the modern age of the Internet society. Furthermore, it also produces energy-saving products, and it can be seen that the role of semiconductors is quite broad.

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