What are the differences between Windows and Macbook?

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What are the differences between Windows and Macbook?

First of all, I think of Windows and Macbook as a PC. I think everyone has used at least one or the other. However, I think that you can not explain well unless you are familiar with the personal computer if you hear the difference between the two. So, this time, I tried to summarize these two differences.

First of all, what are Windows and Macbook?

First, let’s organize each basic information.

First of all, Windows is an operating system (OS) developed by Microsoft. Microsoft is famous for that Bill Gates.

On the other hand, Macbook is a computer developed by Apple. The operating system is called macOS, and the latest version is called OS X. Speaking of Apple, there may be many people who think of Steve Jobs, who is also famous.

What are the differences between Windows and Macbook?

So what is the difference between the two? I tried to put together three main things.

1 Relationship between OS and PC

Windows is only OS. Therefore, there is also a pattern in which the OS of Windows is included in the personal computer made by other manufacturers. However, Macbook is also made by Apple Inc. personal computers themselves. Therefore, there is no product that OS is OS X and personal computers are made by other companies.

2 PC design

As mentioned above, the Windows operating system is built into various PCs, so you can choose from among many designs you like. On the other hand, Macbook has few kinds of design. However, many people support the stylish design, there are enthusiasts around the world. I think that many people have seen people who use Macbook in cafes etc. By the way, Jobs seemed to be particular about the design before he was born.

3 Price

There are so many types of PCs that have Windows installed, so there is a price range for them, so you can buy them according to your budget and the specifications you want. On the other hand, Macbook is said to be priced higher. The pricing is quite bullish as the Macbook is highly branded. However, because there are many conveniences such as being able to connect to the iPhone, cost performance is not bad.


Windows and Macbook have various differences such as design and price besides the operating system that they use.

There are so many types when buying a computer, so it’s hard to choose, but please choose the one that suits you based on the functions you want and budget.

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