There is a level in the definition of an autonomous driving

There is a level in the definition of automatic driving

“Automotive car” refers to “cars that will run even if people do not drive.” However, to reach that stage It must be exceeded. Here, I will explain in detail the several stages (levels).

The definition of an autonomous car is divided into six levels

As we said “autonomous vehicles”, we need to go beyond a few levels. In fact, there are 6 levels from 0 to 5 in the “automotive car”.

The news does not dig deep into the “level” stage of an autonomous car, so let’s grab an image and add more knowledge here.

  • Level (0) All driver operated
  • Level (1) Supports either steering operation or acceleration / deceleration.
  • Level (2) Both steering operation and acceleration / deceleration cooperate to support driving.
  • Level (3) All operations are automated at a specific location, operated by the driver in case of emergency.
  • Level (4) All systems are completely automated at specific locations.
  • Level (5) Automate operation under any circumstances, no need for steering wheel or accelerator.

Thus, there are six levels from 0 to 5 in “automotive car”, and in Japan, level 3 or higher is defined as “automotive car”.

Japan is based on the definition of an American SEA self-driving car

“In Japan, we say that” autonomous cars are at level 3 or higher “, but is the definition of autonomous cars different in each country? In fact, Japan is based on what American non-profit organization (SEA international) has defined.

Levels 1-2 are called driving support

Level 3 or higher (3 to 5) is called an accurate “automotive car” in Japan and the United States.However, at levels 1 and 2, it is called “drive support”, and it is a step that supports people to drive. Many people are still using Level 1 cars.

And now the cars that are sold to the public are cars up to level 2 and it will likely take some more time before the cars of level 3 are put on the market.

If you go to Level 2, you will be limited to driving assistance, so in the event of an accident, the driver will be responsible.

A typical Level 2 car is the Toyota Safety Sense, which has automatic braking and steering control functions when the lane is out. It will be a matter of time when cars such as level 3 and 4 will be sold on the market.

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